Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trailer Shopping

This afternoon I purchased a brand spankin' new beautiful Asus laptop *seated happy dance jig* which means I will finally be able to get back to blogging. Without further au due...

Presently I am typing on blogger. What you cant see is that every six seconds I am picking up my iphone to check my mail as I currently have an offer in on a horse trailer. Like, a real big bad ass blue metal horse trailer. Not like the only other horse trailer I have ever owned which was a hot pink single horse straight load which my Barbie doll and I precariously hauled all over my living room carpet.  Since typing that paragraph I have checked my mail 87 times.

 A note to sellers: Please check your freakin' mail, preferably every 3-5 minutes. And then please respond promptly.... as in no more than 6-8 minutes after received my e-mail. Thank you.

Here is what I have discovered about buying horse trailers. It is not that much different than buying a horse. Horse people are nothing if not consistent in their ability to spew forth bullshit without a batting an eye. So far I have found two trailers that I was completely sold on right up until I talked to the sellers. One man couldn't stop tripping himself up in his own lies. "I haul the trailer everywhere! My wife uses it all the time! We have gone on a bunch of trips with it and it is great! Up here, down there!" I ask him how recently the brakes have been redone. His response, "Oh, they were done a few years ago but we really don't use the trailer much so they should be good still." *nods blankly*

I have decided that I would rather buy something that I know needs repair and have the work done so I know it is done right rather than f-ing around trying to figure out what patchwork haywire job some guy's brother-in-law's uncle's best friends' cousin did "just last year".

I just checked my mail for the 987th time. Still no word. I'm in for a fitful sleep tonight!


  1. Hope you received a reply. Fingers X'd

  2. Oh boy, can I relate. People really do lie effortlessly and often don't they? *sigh* I'll never understand that. Good luck in your search. How fun getting a new trailer!
    We have just sold our trailer. After about a year of ads and dealing with tire-kickers. People love our trailer, then they don't call back. But...we're 99% sure it's a done-deal this time. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. The $$ we get from our trailer will enable us to do a lot of paying off some debt, refinance our home and have some remodeling work done in our home, which will increase the value and make it much closer to market ready. We can always buy another LQ trailer in the future, but in the meantime we'll use out 3-horse that we've had for a long time. I just don't relish the sleeping arrangements without our cushy bed in this trailer. Can't have everything, right?

  3. Dealing with people can be such a pain!! And why they have to lie is beyond me! It's not like you wouldn't figure it out.
    I hope you hear back soon!

  4. I hope you heard something by now on getting your new trailer. I just loved reading your blog and will be checking back for updates.