Saturday, July 12, 2008

Horse Crazy People in a Horse Crazy World

I hate to admit it, but I actually had to spell check my title and subtext. Sad, I know. While I admit to being horrible at spelling, I've been told I can write...simple stories, poetry or a card to make you cry. I also have to admit that I have harbored quite the bias against blogs in the past. What changed? A blog called The Mugwamp Chronicles. This canny lady, a horse trainer by trade, writes these fantastic little stories and offers up such thought stimulating opinions, I am forced to begrudgingly admit that her blog has become a daily addiction. I too wish to share my daily misadventures as I walk through this often morally challenging cosmos we call the "horse world". Horse people are indubitably a breed of of their own. Crazy is an understatement. I am a self professed horse person. I don't necessarily say that with pride. As a whole we are morally deficient, self-righteous, and devoid of reason. I can back this up, I promise.

1. Morally Deficient- Each would argue their own moral abundance but would offer endless stories of other said morally deficient horse people . However, if St. Peter asked the question, not one would be able to deny stretching their moral boundaries in one horse related activity or another.

2. Self-righteous- You bet you are! Ask ten horse people a simple question about horse care, feeding or training and you are bound to get ten different answers that each would testify as fact, not opinion. Lets not even get started on The Training Gods. You know the ones, Parelli, Clinton Anderson, John Lyons or ______ local guru. Hallelujah! Horse people prophetize (yes, I made that word up) their trainer to the rank of Gods and heaven help those who suggest a different path.

3. Devoid of Reason- Hmmm...where to start. Every six weeks we will happily pay $150 to stand for an hour in our 8-year-old busted up, barely there leather boots while a farrier nails $15 worth of iron to the bottom of our horses hooves. We will happily park our $60,000 truck and $40,000 horse trailer in front of the rented ancient double wide we call home. Need I say more?

Control freaks, maniacs, adrenaline junkies, crooks and thieves....

We are dreamers, hopeless romantics, generous, loving, passionate, committed, hard working, down to earth, give-your-the-shirt-off-your-back people. We LIVE to RIDE and RIDE to LIVE. We are a family that is bound together by an undefinable passion to share our hearts and spirits with this, Mother natures greatest creation, the horse.

Thank God for spell check.

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  1. Good start! I look forward to checking another blog! I too did not really get the blog thing.... Then came FHOTD and Mugwump. I have a blog on my training goals and it really helps.