Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I've been kicked a tag.

Cndcowgirl kicked me a tag. "Six things you dont know about me." I've been blogging for such a short time I am sure that you are more likely to only know six things about me to start with, but I will giver her a go anyways.

#1- I dont work. Not really. I am blessed to share my life with an amazing man that supports me and my addiction (horses). I am young, and really, really happy with my life. Sometimes it scares me how good I have it but I have finally figured out that when you've got it, enjoy it. Today is a blessing and tomorrow comes with no guarantees.

#2- Last year I lost my grandfather whom I called Poppie (pictured above). He was 91 years old. I cant begin to tell you what this man meant to me. He was an anchor and a beacon I could count on to always find my way, to home and solace. Though I never lived there, his home was my home since the day I was born. It didn't matter how long I had been away, what time of the day or night, I could walk in that front door and find him there, a rock of strength and love. He was tough, grumpy and impossible at times. He would kill or die for me, without question. I still measure my conscience by his scale. He helped shape my perspective of the world and taught me many things about how to live a good life. He taught me to always, always stand up for those you love, no matter if they are right or wrong. To do a job right, and to take pride in your work. That no price is set in stone, always barter! The love of a good deal. That no drive is to far if you are going to visit someone you love or if you are likely to get a wicked deal on strawberries ( potatoes, tomatoes, gas, sausage, etc...) To always take the time to sit back and enjoy the view. That said view is always better when accompanied by a beer (Kokanee if you have it.) And countless others. I miss him, so very much.

#3 I have the cutest dog in the world. Seriously, all others need not apply. I claim that title for Hawkydog (Hawk). A five year old purebred Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) that is the love of my life. I have four cats. I own three. One owns me. Bitty is a blue Persian cross. The two of them are my constant companions.

#4 I dream of writing a book. Writing this blog has been the first time in years that I have really written. I love that I have found an outlet to practice my writing. I hope that it will be a start of something bigger. My sister told me today that she has been reading my blog and that I sound like the Carry Bradshaw of Country Living (Sex and the City.) I really liked that.

#5 I dream of being a famous country western singer. I cant sing. Seriously, dogs howl. Its bad. I do all the time. This dream is terribly unlikely. *sigh*

#6 I draw. I do commission portrait work (when I can get it) of peoples pets. For some reason they are always a memorial type deal. I dont see why I cant draw peoples pets that are still alive. It is starting to give me a complex.


  1. I liked your 6 things - she kicked me a tag too and i am still thinking about them.

    We have a lot in common but somethings not so. I long for a life free of "work" so that I could indulge in the artistic talents and fancies of my youth and just can't seem to get to a place where I can do that.

    Other things are very much in common. Gives me some things to think about for my tag.

    Love your art and your blog...

  2. Ah, singing.... I sing in my Chevy. But I confess that I turn the volume up so loud that I can't hear myself, I'm THAT bad. lol

    As for the art work, I'd love to talk to you about a portrait of my Cessa. (She's alive too!). The main problem is I have a very hard time getting a good photo of her, I guess she's just not photogenic.
    I have a friend who may be interested in a memorial piece. She lost her colt when he was almost 2. Freak thing, I believe it was an aneurysm. She wants a drawing of what he would have looked like as a mature horse and has some photos to go on.

  3. I just discovered your charming blog so this was a great post to start on. Your banner drawing is amazing, you are one talented gal!

    And being compared to Carrie Bradshaw, well- it doesn't get much better than that! HBO might be calling you soon! ;)

  4. One more thing, I forgot to comment on your ode to your Poppie. It made me tear up. He was obviously very special to you! "Life According to Poppie"- there's your first book! Write down those memories!

  5. Stephanie- Thanks! I am spoiled but I have to say, I do know it. Sometimes I need a reality check when I get stressed over something stupid. I hope you find the time to indulge, if you do, try to just letting go and "feeling" dont try to create something pretty. That is what I enjoy the most.

    Cnd- what do you sing? I always find I sing Dixie Chicks! Weird because I never listen to them any more. I guess I just know the words. Taking pics of horses is really hard. Here is my tip. Stand back, like WAY back. Horses have a lot of perspective issues and so the further you stand back, the less distorted you will find the pics. Once you get them on the computer (if you have a decent amount of pixels in your camera) you can crop out the excess. Also, stand to the side, around the point of shoulder, never straight on. Drop me an e-mail if you or your friend would like to discuss a portrait. (cqhorse@hotmail.com) Thanks for your interest. A good pics is a real must for me though. Take LOTS and you are bound to get a few good ones.

    Pony-Thanks. Glad you liked it! I would love to write more about my Pops. Good idea.

    BTW-I cant believe that you'all didnt put two bits in on the cowboy blog. I thought it would spur some really juicy stuff! lol I know some sweet, genuine and good men that are all cowboy but you HAVE to know the types that I am talking about. :)

  6. Sorry Stephanie- I meant to say "let go just "feel"".

  7. AOHCM: you must be a bit of a night owl like me! I just popped back over and you've been at it again!
    As for the cowboy post... I did read it, didn't have much to put in this time though. Where I'm from (Saskatoon area) we have "farm boys" not cowboys, but man are they comparable in some ways. Glad I grew out of that!

  8. What don't I sing! I mangle pretty much any catchy song that comes along on the radio or CD player.

  9. I liked your 6 things - have to say that I'm envious of #1 - it would be awesome to not work. *sigh* Good on ya though! :-)

    Your artwork is great - I can only draw stick figures, so I'm impressed by people that can actually draw real things!

    Nice bit about your poppie - you are lucky to have had someone like that in your life!

  10. I'm glad you were tagged. I enjoyed learning more about you. I just stumbled over here from Pony Girl's Blog and look forward to coming back to visit soon.

    What you wrote about your Poppie touched my heart. He sounds like an amazing and truly influential man.

    I love to read, but have to admit that most blogs don't keep my attention if they are wordy. Yours, though, keeps me hanging on waiting for that next sentence.
    You, my dear are a WRITER. And I'm excited to find your books on the bookshelf of my local bookstore one day.
    If I send you a copy, will you autograph it?

  11. twinville- thank you SO much. You really made my night. I went to check out your blog but you have so many and as it is late I will have to read some in the morning. From what I did see, it sure looks like you live a full and interesting life! Please keep in touch and I hope you enjoy reading more!