Sunday, November 28, 2010


Have I ever admitted to having a serious girl crush on Beyonce? Because I fear I may have already and to do so twice would take it from cute to a creepy... So instead I will say once again how amazing I think she is a musician and performing artist. This afternoon I was listening to some music on youtube and stumbled on the following video. Her song "Halo" was never a favorite of mine, the produced version and video was nice enough but it didnt make me really feel something as good music does... until I heard her sing it here... so I just had to share... Hope you enjoy, this was her singing to patients at a hospital.

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  1. Oh, so much to catch up on...

    I love P's brother too. Good consistency in that breeding nick. ;-)

    I totally hear ya on not being as snobby about the english saddle and the lightness of it.

    Easy is actually a common name for horses in the barrel racing/roping circuit-LOL...Thanks to the influence of Easy Jet. Personally I like the name and never even thought of the 'other' connotation. :O

    Gobsmacked? LMAO..You are too funny!

    Good lord much batter do you mix to make cupcakes..Bahahaha and Happy Belated B-day to your mom!

    And...that's real singing talent.