Sunday, September 30, 2012

Operation Gelding

What a busy busy week! I haven't done anything with Hola since Monday. I did blog all about that training session on Tuesday during one of my precious few hours on the computer but in one accidental click of the mouse I somehow deleted the whole thing. Then I said a very bad word.

Anyways, on Monday Hola bolted and spooked while on a lead line over one of those imaginary horse eating monsters that only horses can see or hear. Hola never spooks. I was unprepared but luckily held on to her. She blew by me and knocked my shoulder and my shoe right off my foot. The point of my whole post was to say that the Horse Gods have given me fair warning that it is time to upgrade my shoes! The little slip on leather Clarks I've been wearing (and jokingly referring to as my "safety first footwear") would have become a lesson in irony if I she had stepped on my foot just a little differently. So, I'm in the market for a proper pair of paddock boots. And Hola, she learned that no horse eating monster is as scary as me when she *insert gangsta accent* bust'ed all up in my space, 'n shit.

As for Operation Gelding... I was reading AQHA's America's Horse magazine when I noticed an article called Operation Gelding. This is a program run by the Unwanted Horse Coalition and is meant to provide the opportunity for people with stallions to come to a clinic where they can find affordable gelding services. This hombre gives that coalition two thumbs up!

A link to their site.


  1. Eheheh, good shoes around horses are definitely a necessity!

    Interesting to read about 'Operation Gelding' - thanks for the link!

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