Friday, September 7, 2012

My Laptop, Murdered

A few weeks ago DB murdered my laptop. He said he "tripped" but I've never seen DB trip, ever. He said that it accidentally slipped out of his hands. I've never seen anything slip out of DB's hands, ever. He's the most ridiculously adept athlete I've ever met. He says it went sailing out of his hands and off the edge of the balcony. He didnt spare me the gory details. The shards of glass. The bits and bites all over the concrete. I think he murdered my beloved big black laptop in a fit of jealous rage. He has always resented the time I spent with Dell. I have not been unable to blog much lately as a result. Five minutes on DB's PC and I'm ready to go all 'first degree' on the slow-as-molasses-piece-of-shit. I wonder how I could construct a believable scenario wherein it appeared that the massive tower, two speakers and a flat screen monitor formed a suicide pact and threw themselves off the balcony. I could even forge a note, that is if I could get the giant f*&ker to open up Word.

(Last known picture of the late great  Dell)

In other news...

Alas, I found a farrier! I am thrilled! Because in one swell swoop I found someone to do Hola's feet (I dont want to do her feet as she needs some correction and I dont want to fart around with a growing foal) and someone to check up on how I'm doing with trimming Ella myself! I had asked her how she felt about owners learning to trim their own and if she would be willing to give me some pointers and while she said she would she didnt sound keen. I talked to her while she was doing Hola and compared notes, she is a follower of Pete Ramey and once she knew I was genuinely keen on learning she offered to look at Ella. She suggested that I could take her heels down a little further, to go ahead and carry that roll through the whole foot and to be careful about leaving my quarters too long but all in all she said that her feet look great! When she sighted her foot for "balance" she said Ella was bang on! (*happy dance*). I got a surprised sounding "good job" and encouraging "keep at it". I'm not going to lie, it was a huge relief. I dont think I took a breath the whole time she was looking. I am going to trim Ella tomorrow and will be sure to get some pics to post.

Hope you are enjoying the last of the summer! I'm off to research laptops. Oy! I need something good for photo editing. Suggestions are welcome.


  1. Get a mac book!!! Great for photo editing and art type stuff. (I'm a bit biased)

    Good news that you found a farrier - hopefully she works out for you. Good job on Ella's hooves.

  2. That's great that you found a farrier! Good ones can be hard to come by!
    Sorry about your murdered laptop, that really sucks. Hope you get a good one... I am no help in the computer department. I'm lucky I can even find the power button... ok it's not that bad, but close!

  3. MacBook! MacBook! MacBook! Best things ever!!

  4. I'm a fan of Macbooks but not their price tag - especially when you get get the same or better for less $$ at Dell. I would go Dell again but make sure you get at least 8G of RAM and monitor space! I went 17" wide screen because I like to have sufficient workspace as I edit!

    Inspiron 17R-7720 is a great deal and you get all you need for power, space and a big screen!

    -Cheers! Aimee

  5. No help on the computer...I have an Apple (at my husband's insistence) and cannot say I am overly fond of it. I miss my PC. I guess that is what happens when you get 'old' change is hard.

    Congrats on getting the thumbs up from your new farrier.