Monday, January 27, 2014

Abbys 3rd "First" Ride

(Hola having just finished a drink (not drooling)... isn't she just the prettiest red liver?)

This evening Abs had her third "first" ride back. The 1st first ride was when I got on her 45 seconds in December. The 2nd "first" ride was when I started riding her again (for less than 5 minutes at a time and not asking for anything but forward) a few weeks ago. The 3rd "first" ride was this evening when I took her to a friends arena and actually put her to work doing some circles at a walk, trot and lope, some counter bending, one stop and a few turn-arounds. I rode for about 15-20 minutes total, ten minutes of that spent at a trot and lope. She was really soft in the face, easy to guide with my seat and hands and responsive off my leg. Her stop was awesome (from a slow lope I just sat down and let her fold herself up in to a soft but quick stop), her turn-arounds were smooth and fast and she transitioned from a trot to a lope slow and fluidly.

That is all the good stuff.

The bad was that I was incredible nervous. Not that she was going to dump me or do any silly business, but that I was just going to screw it all up. I was really worked up about what I was going to do, how I was going to do it, and what I as going to do if it wasn't going right. I enlisted the help of a friend and trainer to help talk me through it and she was awesome in providing a few suggestions but mostly just reminding me to breathe and relax. Funny that breathing thing, I always forget that part. Abs is so sensitive that she really was pretty wound up for the first five minutes but as I relaxed, so did she. Overall it was an AWESOME ride. I am so excited! After some thought (and conversation with trusted friends) I've decided to continue riding her on the trail but alternate with arena work. I know that it will only benefit her to get out and about and will help her be more relaxed in our dry work.

(note: on Saturday I was too sick with a cold to get to the barn which really sucked the big one because it was a beeeeautiful day out but on Sunday eve I did get Abs out for a 45 minute walk. This evening I also rode Marm in the field with the English saddle again. I cant quite pinpoint it but I like the way she moves in that saddle, maybe something to do with taking pressure off of her loin? I have continued to ride her in the rope halter but would like to do some research on finding her a bit, something other than a snaffle (not harsher, just different areas of pressure). Hola got tied up today for twenty minutes or so. About ten minutes in she thought about chewing on the barn but we talked about it and she decided sleeping was a better option.

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