Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Abs Moving Out on the Trail

Abs (left), Hola and Me

This morning I took Abs for a longer trail ride than usual. After a 10 minute in hand walk I got on and L (on Ella) and had a nice five minute trot. Abs did listen to my seat and hands but was more focused on sucking on to Ella and following her pace. I really debated whether to just let it be for now or to work on it and so ended up doing a half assed correction off and on (which was the worse thing I could have done.) I hate when my inability to make decision between two training ideas leaves me in a worse position than if I had made the less correct of the two options... does that make sense?. When we stopped and turned around L had a bit of an argument with Ella and decided she needed to take her away from Abby and regain control. I decided to get off and just walk Abs towards home in hand. With Ella well behind us and out of site I did get back on and trot her for another minute or so on a part of the trail she is quite familiar with and she was really good and mentally with me. Another successful day.

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