Thursday, June 5, 2014

Walking: It's a Good Thing

The Eye of a Sweet Soft Mare- Abby
When the vet first mentioned that riding would be out for a week at minimum and hard riding for 4-6 weeks my first thought was a very bad word. For the time being I had just put the repercussions of that news out of my head, I had bigger things to worry about than the loss of a show season. But once the initial panic wore off I had lots and lots of time (holding my horse in her ice bath) to wallow in a little self pity. I had just finally started to get on track, I had just started to get a real connection going with Abby, I had just found a saddle and most of all, I had finally resolved to chase down my dream of showing this lovely mare. The kick start to the entire plan had been the realization that I might not have "next year" because we never know what is going to happen in life... I needed to seize the opportunity available to me on that day and not put it off to tomorrow (or next year) again and again. Funny how life is never content to just say "Hello!" Life has to jump up and smack you in the face- it isn't enough to understand the concept in principle... oh no! Life wants to make sure you live those lessons. So, what is my lesson?

That I got a reality check smack in the face but I didn't get knocked down. Right now my horses all appear to be okay and while I am going to have to be careful over the next month I am able to ride at a walk on soft ground. Walking: it's a good thing.

Being forced to stay at a walk is probably the best thing that could have happened from a training perspective. At a walk I can work on softness, timing, feel, flexion, impulsion, and my "wait". Spending a month at a walk will force me to polish those fine details. By the time we are ready to go her back in to work, Abby and I will have a better relationship and ability to communicate. I cant wait to get started tonight!

Hola waiting (impatiently) for Ella up at the Clinic
As for the other two girls. I am going to work Marm on the same schedule as Abs and actually on the same program as Abs. I am going to write up a plan for what I want to work on each day and use the same plan on both horses. It will also be a really good thing for Marm-  exactly what the doctor ordered, literally and proverbially. As for Miss Hola. She is going to stand tied to the wall why I work her sisters. That Little Princess needs time to reflect on just how little "say" she has in this life and that patience is a virtue. I will be reflecting on the same.

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  1. Interesting that the vet recommended such a long light-exercise regime. Not arguing with it...I just hadn't heard of such an extended period before. Of course, I can't say that a lot of walking isn't a good thing. I have spend what seemed like an exorbitant amount of time walking some of my rehab horses. Walking is a good way to work on rebuilding body/musculature rebalancing and remodeling tendons without risk of over-extending or hurting a horse.

    Just keep after it C. You'll be in the show pen before you know it!! :-)