Monday, August 18, 2014

Hola (barely) works 16-17

Sometime between August 12-15th-
Saddled Hola and walked her to a upturned water tub (large and sturdy rubbermaid). Stood above her, patted on her, bobbed in stirrups, leaned on saddle, laid across saddle, let her have my whole weight, patted, bobbed, stepped back to tub. Maybe 8 minutes total.

August 18th-
Saddled, walked her down road and let her graze. Repeated above exercise on water tub.

The past week has been... FULL... as in, filled to the brim and over... I am not going to beat myself up for loosing momentum. At some point I will explain but for now, let's just say, my mind was not in any place to be training and my body is just plain worn out. My hope is that tonight is the start of another two week run with much more sweaty saddle pads.

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