Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hola GW Day 11-15

August 4th, 2014
I wanted to get Hola worked but didn't have much time and needed to get Marm rode. I saddled up that eve quite late and had Abby and Hola loose in the pasture where I was going to ride. Most nights, when the bugs come up, Abby freaks out and chases Hola. That night, when Abby started up, because I was busy riding, because both Abby and Hola needed the work, and because they were in a big safe pasture I decided to just let them work themselves. For probably 15 minutes they were ripping around the field. I was going to saddle Hola still but when I caught her she was soaking wet and breathing hard and I needed her to cool out so I could feed and go home.

August 5th, 2014
I didn't get to barn until late and had to get Marm rode so I tacked Hola (took off back cinch) and tied her to the trailer while I rode Marm. She stood there for a good half an hour very quietly while L and I rode in the field. I then asked L if she would pony Hola around to get her some work which she did. When I was done riding I took Hola and walked her around the field driving from behind. She is starting to get that she can go straight when I am behind her even without having the second line to guide her away from me.

August 6th, 2014
Again I didn't get started until late and ended up ponying Hola off of Marm. Abby was loose in the pasture which made for a challenge as she was having her nightly "I'm dying!!! Attack of the (two) mosquitoes! Help me!" freak out. She really wanted to put the chase on Hola and after getting driven off a few times decided it was really fun game to get me all twisted around. I went and got my lunge whip and rode with that (while ponying Hola) and Abby still thought it was fun to stay just out of reach. Finally, after about ten minutes, she got bored and went back to grazing. What a brat! Hola and Marm were chuggin' along just fine when I looked over and noticed that Abby was rolling. Distracted for that second I didn't notice that Hola had stopped. The line snapped me back and I turned to find Hola on her side having a great roll. We had been trotting! Thankfully I had decided not to saddle her that night as I wanted to work on having an outside long line without it getting stuck in the saddle. Hola had no idea why I was getting after her to get up. She looked at me like, "What?! I just rolled! Whats the big deal?" I finished ponying and put Marm away and came back out with Hola. I lunged her briefly and worked on transitions from the trot to lope and back to trot. She is really listening beautifully to voice commands. Feeling successful and like my horse was relaxed, confident and happy I called it a night and didn't work on the off side long rein.

August 7th, 2014
That afternoon I "lost" my cell phone. It mysteriously just disappeared and by ten that night it was going to straight to voicemail. Because I was hot, sweaty and "horsey" from getting the alfalfa I did decide to get a quick work in on Hola despite everything going on. I threw on a saddle that I have never used on her before (one that has no back cinch).  I sent her out at a trot on the lunge. The back half of that saddle went to flopping up and down by a foot with every stride. No word of a lie! And you know what, my little filly didn't so much as hump her back. I let her pack it around like that for a few rounds as it had the whole of her attention but she relaxed some and continued to move out no problem so I stopped her and pulled it off. Needless to say I dont think it fit! I just lunged her after that and was listening to voice commands beautifully and transitioning between gaits with confidence. She was relaxed and happy to work. After ten minutes or so I started getting behind her and working on a single long line again and then had her drag the line around on the off side. She didn't bat an eye.

August 9th, 2014
I didn't saddle but threw her on the lunge and asked for transitions. She is now loping with so much more balance and confidence and seems proud of herself for having such nice transitions. I clipped a line to the outside and had her drag the inside line while I guided her with the outside. She was a little confused about whether when I added pressure to the outside, thought she should turn all the way around but quickly figured out the game. I kept it really short... like less than five minutes and then gave her lots of scratches. Tonight or tomorrow I hope to have her on the long line.

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