Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Happy Joy Joy

This year my goal is to be less sarcastic and less pessimistic...

Yah right, like I'm totally not going to screw that up right away.


Get it? ha. ha.

Happy Happy Joy Joy in the New Year to each and every one of you.

My New Years goal:

Drink water and peppermint tea.

Do Yoga.


Cut out all of the sugar I use in my tea.

On the Horse Front:

I want to cut on Abby.

And Hola is going to get broke broke. Not green broke. Broke broke.

Now the big question is... am I going to get that job done myself, am I going to get it done while in a lesson program or am I going to send her to be trained by someone else.

The first option is affordable but scary as shit. This filly is so freakin fast footed I am guaranteed to get dumped on my ass at least once... or twice. Or god knows how many times.

The second option is actually the least affordable on a per hour basis and the longest time wise. A lesson will cost me $50+ an hour and I will only be able to take one or two a week.

The third option would be a no brainer if I had a trainer that really fit the bill... but I don't... and if I were prepared to spend $3000 on training, which I'm not.