Friday, March 18, 2011

Donkey Crossing

Have I ever shared this picture with you all? No? Well, I snapped this while driving along the coast near Kona on the big Island of Hawaii and thought it was just the cutest thing ever. It is one of those holiday pictures that seemed really interesting at the time but later, back at home, you find yourself staring at a few dozen photos trying to discern what it was you found interesting about that gecko, pool, flower, and/or random street sign. Then, seven months later, you stumble upon that pic while desperately searching for something, anything, even remotely interesting to blog about that doesnt require you to think because you've just spent an hour writing a post on a (much more relevant topic) like how you loaded your horse in a trailer for the first time today, which should have been a non-event but for some reason brought a whole boat load of repressed traumatic memories to the surface and left you completely unhinged, which of course transmitted to the horse which only served to make the situation worse, which consequently made the nerves worse and so perpetuated that vicious circle that ended with your horse pulling back... which makes you wonder whether you just anticipated the problem or were actually the cause of it... the later being most likely... contemplating the situation leaves you befuddled and unable to write coherently and so instead you resort to flipping through random old photo files until you see a picture of a sign with a donkey on it and decide that the world would be better served by knowing that there are places like Kona, HI where donkeys crossing the road present a significant enough road hazard to warrant a sign than in having to listen to the doomsday dribble and endless ramblings of a chicken shit like me.

Yup, it is definitely a good thing that I didnt write about all of that and instead went with posting this lame ass picture... get it... lame ass...ass... donkey... *nods* yaaah.... no?

Alrighty then.


  1. Sounds like you had a trying day. I hate when that happens. I've resorted to some searchs through my photo archives too so I didn't have to deal with whatever issues I got myself into that day.

    Guess I never thought about donkeys in Hawaii or lames asses for that matter.

  2. Mental note to take lots of random horse related photos for such a day! Isn't is funnyhow how sometime you blog and everything makes sense and other days....well, not so easy!

  3. I think the sign is cute... Did you see a donkey? (intentionally ignoring any mention of nerves and horse loading dribble) =)