Monday, March 28, 2011

My New Bobs

Did I buy a new Bob's saddle today?

Why yes, yes I did.

*huge grin*

Didn't I just sell a Bob's back in January claiming that sale was going to fund a Europe trip?

*Nods head and shrugs shoulders*

Why yes, yes I did.

Didnt I cry and lament and say a dozen different ways that I would always regret selling that saddle and would buy it back in a heartbeat?

I may have said something along those lines. *waves hand dismissively"*

But I met a saddle today and all of that changed.

*deep, soulful, perfectly content sigh*

So many things in my life are going right these days that it just about scares me. I started working for my Mom and then just a few weeks later I start giving lessons... then yesterday I signed up for a cell phone contract of my very own (Previously I've been covered in HS's bill)... I even got a new iphone 4 yesterday (I'm calling it my "big girl" phone) and in a weeks time I will by flying off with my Mom and Sis to someplace with significantly more sun in the forecast. I have a horse that I adore, I am boarding in a barn that couldnt be any better, have a few new wonderful friends and spring is just around the corner. Life was pretty dang sweet... but today, it got even sweeter.

One thing you should know about me is that I looooove saddles. And I looooove me a Bob's saddle. Like, a lot. I pet them. I drool over them. I call them "sweet thing" and "darling". I will camp my behind in those big ol' Cadillac saddles, sling my arm over the horn, slouch down low and just hang out there for a while... even in the store. (true story) I got a call from a good friend today telling me that I needed to come out and check out a saddle she had in stock. So I did. And the moment I locked eyes on this little beauty I new he had to be mine.

So I texted my man (with my new iphone btw) and said, "Umm... honey... I need $____."

Two seconds later I got this reply.... "Ok."

I started at that little itty bitty word that meant so much and thought... what if he is being sarcastic? So I texted back and said, "Should I just put it on the card?" (meaning the Visa)

And he replied, "Yes."

Now I was sorely tempted to just head right on back in that store, hand over that magic'n'golden piece of plastic and say, "charge it!" but I hesitated (I know what you are thinking! you're thinking, i wouldnt have asked twice I'd be in there buying that dang saddle!"... But I just couldnt do it. I wondered, what if he thinks I am kidding?

Just to be sure, I called. I didnt even say hi... just "are you serious?"

His answer. "Yes."

Mind: "No really, are you sure you are serious because I am going in there right now and I am going to buy it."

His reply was a simple... "Do it quick and get home, I want to go for supper." A smart woman knows when she should just shut up and do as she is told. So I did.

Then I got him supper. So with no further ado.... This is my new baby....

It's a brand spankin' new Bob's Custom cutting saddle. Thanks to my good friend Barbie I was able to get this saddle for a price that even a cheap-o like me couldnt be happier with. Thanks Barbie! You are the best!

Oh, thanks also to my amazing, sweet, generous, fabulous, most-handsome-est, sexy, dashing, gentlemanly man of all men. I love you sweet heart.


  1. Awesome!!!

    I always hate asking My Honey for things too. It's a self inflicted pain, because he has never denied me anything I need (or want).

    And look at you...getting all grown up and independent (giggle). Looks good on ya. ;-)

  2. Wow that's is so cool! I too am looking at a saddle and am thinking its coming home with I just gotta find a way to tell the hubby.

  3. *drools* Niiiice! I so very much want a Bob's to call my own! The boyfriend has one and I'm green with envy! I was planning to get one after some of the goings on that I have yet to blog about, but the boyfriend ended up getting a new horse instead. I'm trying to be happy for him. I'm mostly succeeding. I dearly want my own Bob's though. Some day... *sigh*

  4. Wow. I want a new saddle something fierce. I think. I keep eyeballing them, but I can't come up with a single good reason why I need one, even though I've been riding bareback out of necessity for two years now. I don't have a saddle that fits Estes, and I could justify buying a new one just because of that. But...I kinda like riding bareback. When I do ride in a saddle, I feel like it's in the way and I don't have any contact.

    I supposed the seat of my jeans would be happier in a saddle (and the seat IN my jeans, too) and I could ride for longer than four hours without getting too uncomfortable. But...I just can't bring myself to dish out the bucks for a new one.

    Instead, I'll just covet yours, how's that sound?

  5. That's very cool! I'm wanting a new saddle too, well, new to me, I'm really wanting one of those old time saddles made specifically for Arabs. not easy to find but oh how I need one. Glad you found what you wanted AND got the funding.LOL

  6. Ooooh! Girl I like your style!!! Love me a cutting saddle! And you have one heck of a man! So much fun, loved the post, made me smile...

  7. I love it! That is so sweet of your man to let you do that!
    I was just drooling over a saddle the other day, but once I saw the price tag I quit drooling. I also want a new saddle, not like I need a new one, I only have 3 western saddles, a hunt saddle and a cutback saddle, but I could really use one more!

  8. OMG I read the title quickly and I thought at first it said my new boobs!!!! YIKES!