Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taxes Blow

I have my fingers crossed that I might actually get through writing half of what I want to say... and would consider it a small miracle if I actually got something posted. I've been busy. Isn't it ironic that the more we do the more we have to write about but the less time we have to actually do the writing? I've been riding, saddle shopping, spending time with my man, and working *gasp* yes, I said working! This month I started working with my Mom as her executive assistant... which really is just a fancy way of saying that I am trying to organize her life and business. Actually, as her company name ends in "& Associates", I like to joke that I've become the ass. It is great to be able to help my Mom out and it is really good for me to be able to focus on something outside of the same ol' same ol'... like setting up websites, filing, accounting and taxes... *deep sigh* oh the taxes!...

You know... Taxes, they blow. Did you know that? I didnt think so. You're welcome.

I talked to a tax man on the phone today. I am quite certain he was a zombie. No I'm not shitting you! You should have heard this guy! I swear this dude made that teacher from Ferris Bueller sound like he was on speed.

I'm just sayin' that tax guy mighta been a zombie... or on a hefty dose of qualudes anyways.. do they even make qualudes anymore?


I bought my first bottle of wine last week. I know, right? I'm 28, who'd have guessed. You see, I'm thinking that I might reconsider my no drinking polocy. I actually think it might be a good idea to get drunk once a year... just for good measure....

So I bought a bottle. I'll let you know how it goes.

No really. I bought a bottle of blueberry wine because I happen to be at a winery (long story) and was offered a tasting of blueberry wine (wine made from 80% blueberries... hence why they call it blueberry wine *blank stare*) and I actually quite liked it. I was already half cut from the wee bit of wine tasting I had already done so we'll see if I still like it when it comes time to open that sucker.

Till next time...



  1. Work does that to you; makes one develop the need for alcohol, that is.

    Fry, Fry ...

  2. Oooh! Tell us more about the blueberry wine! Sounds delish!

  3. If it wasn't for alcohol....

    I'm just saying...

    It's helped me to keep my sanity over the years.

    Somehow I got roped into a j.o.b. too. Fifteen percent unemployment in this town and the local restaurant cannot find decent waitresses? So I'm picking up days/nights there to help them out.

    I like waitressing. It's always been a job that has treated me well.

  4. Hmm a job, Im sure glad I dont need to get a job.
    Blueberry wine sounds fantastic, I got a friend and her mom makes the best ever strawberry wine, maybe I can talk her in to trying blueberry.

  5. I could use a job but at my age no one really wants me. BooHoo! But I guess if it means I'd have to take up drinking, I'm probably better off without one. I get into enough trouble in my life to know booze is not the answer......although blueberry wine does sound a tad interesting. LOL