Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet Hola

Need I say more?

(of course I do!)

She is just as sweet as pie and cute as a button.

It didnt take me long to name her either. Hola! She is such a friendly little filly with a happy eye and soft demeanor...she just suited a name that meant "Hello!" I get her home in the Fall. My first baby... An hour with her and I was in love... but it took me a few days to get past all of the practical arguments against my buying a foal. But when I saw the above photo I knew. I knew that I would regret saying no... and that I'd never regret saying yes.

So I said yes.

And I feel so damn good about that decision I just cant tell ya.

But there is one decision left to be made! The name for her registration.

I would like it to incorporate Whiz and Rooster... or Gallo Del Cielo (means Heavenly Rooster (the Cielo means heavenly). Jack could be worked in there too. Last year's foal was Whizeroo. I love it but want her to have her own name. Ideas?


  1. Cielita Linda would mean beautiful heaven
    Hola mija would mean hello my daughter
    Gee whiz? Just fun!
    Corazon de ceilo means heavens heart...

  2. I'm glad you said yes! She's awesome!
    How about Whizzin' To Heaven or Whizzin' By Roo ?
    Can't wait to watch her grow up on your blog! (0:

  3. She is just a doll! Look at that face! I would be so in love too.

    Hey, you could call her Whizzin Chicken....

    I'm just kidding!

  4. Cute as a button!

    Names... hmmmm! So much fun!

    Gallo's Belle
    Belle Ciello
    Roosters Whizzen Doll
    Pretty Whiz Ciello

    Tough names to combine! lol

    Can't wait to read what you come up with.

  5. Congratulations! She's a beauty!

  6. Congrats! She looks like she'll be so much fun!

  7. Congrats, she is pretty cute! I can see why you fell in love with her.

  8. How adorable is she!!! Good luck with the name for her papers. I'm so bad at that! It took me almost 7 months to pick a name for B's papers.