Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Okay, What Did I Say Then!?!"

West Palm Beach Photos
So... I am in Miami. Long story. The short story is that it is warm, sunny, palmy (lots of Palm trees) and I like it.... especially when I turned on the television Clinton Anderson was right there on regular cable. I think I almost fell off my chair. FYI- I am not leaving our condo for the remainder of our trip as I dont think I can bring myself to turn it off.... partly because I like Clinton Anderson and partly because the Scott in me cant handle turning down a bargain! It'd cost me $190 to order the DVD for what I watched today, and that's used off of ebay!

The real story I have to tell today is one you are probably all familiar with... I'd almost bet you've done this yourself.

Picture this: I am running around the house like a madwoman trying to get packed and everything sorted before I leave (HS is staying home) when suddenly I remember that I havent told HS what he needs to do to give Hawky his medication (another story for another day). Before I can forget I go in to the living room where HS is reading and I say, "Honey?"

He doesnt look up from the paper but does say, distractedly, "Yah?"

Me: "Can you pay attention for a minute?"

Him: *glances up at me, takes in my impatient expression and resists the urge to look back down at the paper*


I can tell by the expression on his face that his mind is still occupied by whatever he was reading but he was looking at me at least and I was in a rush so I decided to give it a shot so I go ahead and say, "Hawky needs three pills, twice a day and the cream on morning and night. Tomorrow he is only suppose to get two pills twice a day but if he isnt doing any better phone the vet and ask them if you should give him three instead, okay?"

Him: * nods with a blank stare*

Me: "Okay?"

Him (impatiently): "Okay."

Me (impatiently): "Were you listening?"

Him (defiant): "Yes, I got it."

*hint of a sheepish look on his face*

Me (challenging) "Really?! Okay, what did I say then?!?"

Him: *coy smile* .... *taps fingers on desk*..... *thinks hard*

His reply: "Dog.... um... Pills...." (I nod encouragingly) "... something about cream.... and.... (triumphantly) Call the vet!"

*I cross my arms and sigh*

Him: "Did I ever tell you that you're the most beautiful woman in the world?"

*I continue to stare blandly*

Him (resigned): "Alright fine!... Sorry, what did you say?" *smiles that impish, sweet, gorgeous smile*

That smile... I just cant resist it.

So I wrote the instructions for Hawky in a note, stuck it to the fridge and covered it in x's and o's like the big ol' sap I am.

I'm just sucker for that man.

Miss you sweetie! xo


  1. I have one that listens like that. And yup, I love him too.

  2. reminder notes (or novellas) work the best for my man :}

  3. Mine listens exactly like that. He needs notes too if I expect him to get anywhere near close to what I asked.


  4. Wow looks nice in Miami!!!

    A note is always better, then when they cant remember its always right there ;)

  5. I just had to laugh reading this, because my OH would have said and done the EXACT same thing!! It must be a guy thing!!
    Hope you have a fabulous time in Miami!! Jealous!!!!

  6. i was hoping i could entice you into an "after car" blog post too. you know, after the change.

    you're the only person who might want to join me in this.

    and a "before car" does not have to be a tank (mercedes guardian) - it can be a simple car that doesn't entice you to race on the autobahn. *lol*


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