Sunday, April 10, 2011

These Eyes

(sorry about the lack of spaces, blogger is being a (insert bad word)...

*dunt dun* *dun dunt da da dunt da dun* *dun dun* *dun na da dunt da dun* *dun dun*

Oh come on! I got it close!

How about ya just go on and hit play on this video (make sure your volume is up... 'cause These Eyes, is a must sing-along kinda song and that's just the way I roll... have you hit play yet? Go on... I'll wait....

Oh yah, *bob that head* ... *dunt dun*.... trademark chords, classic... just classic.... These Eyes... cry every night... for you... These Arms... long to hold you... again... The hurtin's on me yah... I will be free now, now my baby oh no now You gave a promise to me, yah you broke it.... you broke it... oh no... *sigh*

Oh yah... God I love that song.

Why are we listening to it, you ask? Well, 'cause these eyes (mine) are the issue at the forefront of my mind right now... While I was away I had to accept something that I've known but have been avoiding for some time. A few days ago my Mom and I were sitting out on the deck of our condo looking out over the ocean and she commented on the size and name of a cruise ship that was sailing past. The thing was that I couldnt see the name on that cruise ship. I could only see a dark blur where I knew the name should be but I couldnt make it out. I was quick to find an excuse...the glare of the water, my tired eyes, that I had been reading and such but then later, as we were driving through the city, I noticed that the road signs were a little harder to read than I remembered... then I recalled how last year I had commented that the isle markers at the grocery store we hard to read and a few other little things like how "tired" my eyes felt at the end of the day. I know you might be thinking, "What's the big deal, go get your eyes checked!" and I'd have to agree. Being less than 20/20 isnt the end of the world.... But... for some reason the idea that I might need corrective lenses really bothers me.... maybe it's because I am an artist and the way I see the world, the detail, light, color, shades and shadows is so important to me... it is almost that it defines some portion of who I am... the idea that I have lost, or am loosing any portion of that is really a little scary to me and I really haven't wanted to face it. This evening I was in Chapters and I was looking for the "Pet" section and found that I had trouble making out the section markers. As we walked to the car I pointed to a sign in the parking lost and asked HS if he could read it. He could. I couldnt. Tomorrow I am going to make and appointment to have my eyes tested. It is pointless and childish to be a little scared. But for some reason I am. *fingers crossed*

Now, I have to leave you with this. One of my favorite scenes of any movie, ever. These Eyes rendition by Michael Cera in Super Bad. The intensity of the coked out guy is crazy...

"You want a line of cocaine?"

"No way, man."




  1. I've worn corrective lenses for more than half my life, so I guess I don't think twice about it. I am near-sighted.

    But let me tell you...a while back, I noticed that when I was trying to read things, the lettering seemed atrociously small. One day, I found myself stretching my arm out to actually read something.


    I'm half blind and now I need r.e.a.d.i.n.g. glasses to see close up?

    Now that, my just wrong on sooooooo many levels! LOL

  2. Sucks to get old! My eyes went when I was 40 and they keep getting worse. I think these darn computers have something to do with it.
    No worries though! Glasses, lenses, contacts- do what ever it takes to see our glorious world in full 3 D!

  3. Chelsi

    You have, with out a doubt, the most beautiful eyes out there, no one even comes close...and I think you'd rock a great pair of glasses. Go...get that test! :)

  4. Glasses aren't that bad. You can be geek chic! (From the girl debating eye surgery... lol)