Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Case of the Jiggles

I watched this video and thought, "Wow! Looks like someone has a serious case of the jiggles!" Then I heard this small voice inside say, "... Pot... Kettle...Black... Seriously."

Spring is around the corner. Looks like Ella and I have our work cut out for us! Oh, and yes, her name is Ella. Ella Blue to be exact. The decision was finally taken out of my hands by L.. It was necessary. I was totally out of control. As L. and Ella have a very special relationship I felt she should do the honors (and that way I couldnt take this one back.) L. picked the name Ella Blue. I love it. It works. And best of all, I cant change it. *wipes brow* Thank Heaven!


  1. lmao When I saw "Ella's jiggles" on the video I was like "OMG she changed that horse's name AGAIN!" Chels you should just hand over naming duty for any future critters to your friend (btw its a good name)

    As for the jiggles, your horse isn't too bad. Mine are all big fluffy mushballs. Really need to get my a$$ riding so they're in shape come jackpot season. (and I need to get working on my fat arse too)

  2. My guys jiggle too, Chelsi. They're going to have to start working out soon. I suppose a couple months of pasture does that to a horse. Only, since it was on a hill, I expected muscles coming home. Guess I was wrong...