Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Bob's Saddle For Sale- SOLD

This is the forth Bob's Custom saddle I've owned. I've been forced to sell every one of my beloved Bob's for reasons that had nothing to do with these lovely saddles. The first, a Bob Avila, I sold as I didn't have a horse and had decided I was "getting out of horses for good!" (that lasted all of like three months). I loved that saddle. The second I bought was a Randy Paul in a light oak. Beautiful. I sold because my old horse had a bulging shoulder and needed a treeless to accommodate. The third, my favorite, the love of my life, the one that got away. I sold that one for funds to go to Europe. I miss it every day. Then there is this current beauty... *deep sigh*

I loved this saddle from the moment I saw it. I had dreams of riding off in to the sunset in that big ol' plush seat. This is the first 17" saddle I've had and man, it's like a freakin' Cadillac... I'd love to say that this saddle and I have spent some quality time together but the sad sad sad fact is that we've only had one single solitary ride. One! Uno! I brought it home from the store, tried it on Ella, realized that it didnt have a chance in hell of fitting her ridiculously wide, round, flat and gigantor frame (Who let me buy a halter bred horse anyways?) and just about cried. I tried it on Marm (who is a 15HH stock horse type) and of course it fit... I got on Marm and took it for a tour around the paddock. OMG... I could just park myself in that saddle and go to sleep Lazy Boy style. I just haaaaad to keep it. I justified it by saying that I would just hang on to it for when Abby came home (she isnt freak-of-nature wide like Ella). So I put it away in it's bag and took it home where it has stayed since... since... March 29th 2011.

Now, I would still LOVE to keep this saddle. But I've decided to trade out this thing you put on a horse for something that you put a horse in *wink*

The only flaw on this saddle is a cut in the leather of the pommel. This cosmetic flaw made this saddle go from a $3000+ item to something I could afford. The saddle was also used in a few demos by the tack store that I bought it from so has a little wear (like where the buckles touch leather) but otherwise it is mint. The skirt is a slightly lighter color than the upper (I love that look) and it has the cut aways in the skirt for a close contact feel.

It is a Full QH Bars, a plush smooth padded seat and comes with matching back cinch. This is a 17" cutting saddle on a cutting tree but I planned on using it for everything from penning to reining, cowhorse and trails.

I would like to get it sold asap so have it priced at $1995 firm (us funds)

I *heart* Bob's Custom Saddles

I am trying to show you the cut away skirt in this picture (not my recycle bin:)

(sorry for the weird angle on this shot... was trying to hold the tape and take photo at the same time:)

(see cut in leather above)

(that white line by the Bob's stamp is not a scratch... maybe a hair or something on the lens)


  1. Oh maaaan.... if that was a 16" I'd be talking to you about payment possibilities. 17" is just a tad too big.

  2. Ohh I love that saddle, but I have a 16 1/2 and it is just a little to big too, so no go from me either :((

  3. I love it, but FQB just don't fit my guys. :( I really need semi-bars for them.

  4. Do you know what tree specifically is in it? I know someone at the barn is looking for a Bobs with the Duane Latimer tree.

  5. No it isnt the Duane Latimer tree:) sorry

  6. You really took time to invest on this stuff.