Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Comments On and Chelsi's Favorites- Horse Picks

Okay first things first. I've decided to open up my comments. You see, I wanted to post some of the links I have to horses for sale in my favorites folder, a segment I once called, "Chelsi's Favorites" which the past readers of this blog seemed to really enjoy. So I began with the question, "Does anyone out there remember "Chelsi's Favorites"?" ... But  then I remembered that the people I was asking that question of cant actually answer ... and then I realized that I don't actually know if any of the readers I once had have come back. So I then wrote this question, "Does anyone wonder why I'm asking questions of a hypothetical readers when I wont give them a venue to answer?" Then I answered my own question by writing, "Asking a question of hypothetical readers about asking questions of hypothetical readers is a little weird...and obnoxious and really Chelsi, just a little creepy." Then I rewrote my blog post to include an announcement that I am turning my comments back on... I just thought I'd share. Arentchya glad I did?

So.... Chelsi's Favorites.... Needs a new name. It just doesnt ring!


Here are a few of the horses in my favorites folder...

Put a few hundred pounds on this doe-eyed gal and she'll be a beaut! http://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/grd/3159251222.html

 Lately I've been looking at a few Arabs. Long story. More on that later. Like the face on this girl....

A goodie...

Love the color of this roany pony... http://www.northernhorse.com/classifieds/AdDetails_Horse.asp?ID=12072

The sad fact of good broke STDB is that they can be hard to give away. http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rds/grd/3134120791.html

Love her face marking, looks like a thistle... fit and shiny this would be a nice mare... http://www.horseclicks.com/4_yr_old_quarterhorse_filly_tickle/advert/209976

This mare is a Duel Pep gdaughter....

Dun mare...


  1. Oh count me as a love these posts person!
    Got to admit I'm rather partial to the Arab mare, but I'd take the dun home if I had room! Super cute!

  2. Good to have you back Chelsi :)

    I'd take them all lol

  3. I remember those posts! (0: Glad you are bringing them back. I never get tired of looking at horses, of any breed.

  4. Interesting choices. I am pretty picky now when it comes to horses to buy. I really only kinda like the standie and the dun mare. But all depends on what you want. And sure shows some people need to take better pics in ads too. I am glad you are back as well.

  5. I love the dun!! I also loved it when you did these posts! I used to always go look at horses for sale, but just don't have the time anymore, nor do I need another horse!! But it is still fun to look at what's out there!
    Also glad to see you back!