Friday, August 31, 2012

Down 11 pounds!!

Down 11 pounds!!! Not me... The dog. :( If only I could be half so strict with myself as I am with my animals. My mom and I (and our respective menfolk) have shared "ownership" of Hunter for years but he lived primarily at her place. At the beginning of this year my mom had a change in her work schedule and it became increasingly difficult for her to keep up with Hunter especially as they live in a condo and she is on the road most of the day. To keep him happy and occupied (he would go to the office and job sites with her) he might have been given a few too many chewy treats, a wee bit too much dog food after a hard days work (at the office) and some extra bones from all the staff who all like to stop by and give him lovin's. About four months ago Hunter came to stay at our house aka "fat camp". Since that time he has drooped a whopping 11 pounds. And he is just as proud as punch about it too! The plan is for him to stay with us indefinitely. I couldnt be more pleased. We love this dog to bits. He is so sweet, cuddly, smart and a little whipper snapper too. There just aint nothin' better in life than a good dog!

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  1. 11 pounds! That's more than my whole Skoshy dog weighs! Hunter lost a whole dog! Well done Hunter!