Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stall Mat Quagmire

We usually try to leave the horses outside for most of the late Spring, Summer and early Fall (I live on the West Coast of BC so it rains pretty much rains non-stop 6 months of the year.) Over the past few days I have been doing a little summer cleaning in preparation for the coming fall/winter drudgery. I pulled up the stall mats, hauled them out, hosed them down and left them to dry in the sun. While the rational (and lazy) side of my brain argued that to clean them at all is an effort in futility, the other side found it enormously satisfying to make something so nasty nice and clean. We last stalled a horse in the stall pictured almost two months ago. You can see in the picture that despite the heat we've had, and despite leaving the stall empty, under the mats were still sticky nasty wet.

Ideally I would like to not stall at all but that isn't my reality... So what do you do to combat the nastiness under the mat?

Ps- I am dying to get my next hoof trimming post written but am having computer issues. It is coming soon! (writing on my iPhone takes for-ev-er!


  1. Like you, we get just as much rain if not more. I wish we had a barn so I could stall because of the mud! I don't have mats in my run in sheds but have been considering it. Easier to scoop poop off a mat then off of dirt, so something we are going to add in the future.
    The farm I used to work for does not clean their mats. What I use just on the dirt floor of my sheds and should work on mats and under mats is the Sweet PDZ which comes in granules or powder formula to absorb odors and help dry out flooring. It doesn't take much and it really does work! Try it!!

  2. It is a good idea to keep the rubber mat clean and dry. horse stall mats They tend to smell bad after a while especially if you sweat a lot.

  3. Horse stall mats come in a couple of different formats, one is a fairly large mat at about the others are smaller tiles that you can Horse stall mats stick together like a puzzle.

  4. I have evenly tamped bluestone under my mats horse blankets Stalls are level and mats stay in place.

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  7. This turned out so beautifully. Out west we have this stuff called horse panel -he item shown is the 8' 3-Piece horse or Horned Cattle hay Feeder Open w/Loop Legs - Red, for the Horse Hay Feeder described.. I use it as a kick barrier on the inside walls of my metal barn. horse feeders The hog panel version has 4" x 4" squares. Problem is it only comes in huge sheets. But I think it would work if your lattice idea doesn't.

  8. I would like to incorporate a cattle panels arch into my vegetable garden. I am just afraid it would create too much shade for the surrounding plants. There are lots of things you can do with cattle panel if you are creative

    1. Interlocking Horse stall mats and portable horse mat products at guaranteed low prices. Stall matting is constructed from high grade recycled rubber and can be found used in bars and in horse trailers, pig barns...

  9. I would make sure you get the panels with the chain connectors and not the straight pin. I had heard of a horror story where a horse reared and came down between the round pen panels and got lodged. They were unable to undo the panels b/c the pin got bent. If it was a chain, they could have cut the chain and got the horse out.

  10. Oh they look so amazing. I love the look f black and wood too, although houses for sale in Sedona
    I agree with SO MUCH WORK! Just in case, it looks amazing with the back table too

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