Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Misplaced fence posts and hind legs!

Two very nice MARES with a similar problem.....*ehem!* A problem I noticed twice in one day. The Knutson Family's post provided the second of the bay mare (as a reader mentioned in her comments!)


  1. That cracks me up!

    They look like geldings with their half parts hanging out!! He he he!

  2. lol! You're so naughty. I never would have even noticed that if you hadn't of brought it up. :P


  3. hahhahhaha! That is soooo funny! You know they make photo programs just for that reason! You should do a what's missing pictures!!Verry funny as is though!!

  4. LOL!!!!!

    I was SO hoping that people did not notice the other horses hind leg in that exact "spot," but what can I say...lol!!!

    If I keep taking shots like that, I will need to invest in PhotoShop!

    PS-I am hoping that her neck catches up to the rest of her, and that it resembles her sires too. I don't know though...I just loved her big 'ole booty!

  5. <...snork....>

    Ohhh boy.. I did not have enough coffee when I read this the first time, and had to go back after caffination.. lmao.... Y'all just are not right... funny as all get out, but not right! ;)

    Thanks for the laugh too. Needed that! :)