Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh Man!

Today my mother and I were driving by a hotel in a small but growing town and noting all the ways that it has changed over the past year. As we passed a gray and run down hotel my mom commented, "You know, they have strippers there!" I replied, "Yes, I did know that, having friends that frequent it!" I didn't mention it at the time but thinking of strippers had brought to mind something that I had noticed back in my young and rowdy days. I had been to the local female strippers a time or two (its a long story, trust me) but only on one occasion did I have the chance to watch the Chip N 'Dales. What stuck in my memory more than their bulging biceps or rippling abs was that the "ladies" watching them had clearly gone crazy! They screamed! They shrieked! They tore at the last shred of clothing these poor men had left! They did not act like ladies at all! Men watch strippers with a casual eye as the sip their beer and contemplate the cosmos (or the score of the latest hockey game). Women...they go freakin nuts!!

This leads me to my question of the day (not that I frequently have a question of the day, but starting now maybe I will!) I have noticed that most, if not all my readers and fellow bloggers are women so I feel fairly safe in asking you this...."What is your favorite part of a man?" Now, lets keep it decent ladies! I am going to go with a really nice well sculpted shoulders!

**can you submit pictures? You bet you can!***


  1. Well, It's certainly not Fabio, LOL, All I can think of is the goose that walloped him in the face at six flags east coast!LOLOL
    Butt, I'll have to say the Butt!

  2. lol!! Yes, I too say not Fabio, but that's coming from a girl (me) who used to be infatuated with Steven Segal. I like hands. I like hands that are NOT neatly manicured with nice pinkish fingernails, but used hands. I like my man's hands because I know he knows how to use them, on cars of course! lol He rebuilt his own dually twice and can fix everything and anything anywhere.

  3. The back. I most definitely appreciate broad shoulders and a strong back.;)

    LOL-I used to cocktail waitress at a place that got the Chip N Dale strippers in a few times-we all hated waitressing on those nights. The women were rude and stingy to the bar staff and then went totally bezerk over the guys. I always thought it was hilarious that most of the guys were gay or their girlfriends were in the back watching. And to hear some of those ladies would make you bust a gut."He winked at me.", "He totally looked me in the eye.", "I know we made a connection-too bad he as such high morals and can't date clients." Clients? Honey, you were stuffing dollars down his thong! I'm afraid I don't know how your perceive yourself as a "client".

    On the other hand-I have always been able to appreciate a good female pole dancer. Sadly, the last few times Chris and I have gone-most of the girls just stand up there and wiggle around a little bit and most of the music leaves a lot to be desired.

    I have always though it was strange that no one thinks twice about biker chicks going into strip clubs with their men(whether they have ever worked in one or not), but other women feel uncomfortable going into them.

  4. Well I would have to say that I appreciate the whole package ABOVE the waist...back, shoulders, abs, biceps, that funny little way their waist moves!!!

    Oh...and a nice backside isn't bad to look at either!

    I have often wondered why women act like crazy fiends around male strippers as well, and I am personally NOT one to enjoy having a strange man shake his package in my face...ick!!!

  5. Nice strong arms, and rough hands, working man hands. The kind of hand that would snag on your pantyhose!

  6. A good, strong upper body -- nice arms. But a killer smile and twinkly eyes will seal the deal.