Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Arab Stink Eye!

Have you ever been given the 'stink eye' by an ol'Arabian gelding?

Well let me tell you, I sure have!

Would you think any less of me if I told you that this look...

I find a little scary?

... this is the look that says, "Back off Buddy! I ain't buyin' what you're sellin' so go peddle em' apples someplace else, or else... !!!"

But ever so often I come across that grumpy horse with the laid back ears and fierce stink eye and I get to thinkin' that maybe... just maybe it's all one big bluff...

And so I tentatively... oh-so-slowly reach out a trembling hand....I inch slowly towards his gnarly forelock... my fingers itching for the first soft touch of his silken coat.... but then I pause...there is that look again...

And I think to myself that maybe it isnt a bluff after all.

And so I tentatively, oh-so-slowly extract my hand from that ol' geldings reach....

And thank my lucky stars that it's still intact.


  1. What a beautiful face, even grouchy. I hope he has someone who loves him and will take the burrs out soon.

    Dirt on a horse, what a strange memory. I haven't seen dirt (or grass) since middle December. We are separated from the earth by a deep layer of rock hard snow.

    I kind of miss dirt. Last February I started seedlings. Ha, right.


  2. I have been given the Arab stink eye. They go from looking so lovely to absolutely mean with a simple blink and ear move.

  3. Um, yeah! I get "the look" daily! But it's that I understand my guy's personality, it's not scary, I just laugh at his attitude and I know how to get after him if it's too much. And we now have an understanding of boundaries. Thankfully. I have to admit, I was a bit timid of him at times when I first got him.

    My favorite "Arab-tude" move is the nose straight in the air...stob to the hilt! But Arabs can be SUCH fun. They are definitely not lacking in personality. I get a kiss on the lips from my dude every time I go in the pasture. Makes my day.

    Betcha if you had a carrot that stink eye would turn into a "hey, watcha got...can I have some" eye real quick! ;)

  4. Um, I mean snob...why do we always proofread AFTER we post? ;)

  5. Arab mares can be much, much worse with that stink-eye. Just ask my Maddie. She's horrid and she doesn't like to be touched. Now she thinks she doesn't need to be haltered or brushed... Yeah, we're gonna fight about that!

  6. I agree, the stink eye from an arabian mare is much much worse. My brown mare Izzy is the master at the stink eye. I get the whole nose straight in the air, ears back, wierd halter stance and stared at from the corner of her eye. You also can't forget the snort and scrunched up nose. That look says, "if you try to hug or kiss me I kill you."

    However that look can easily go into a "I can pretend to look sweet look" if anything food related appears. Especially if a bananna appears.

  7. I never get that from my sweet Jaz. I don't think he's got a mean or grouchy bone in his body.

  8. That's funny...I've never gotten that look from an Arab, but I've gotten plenty of them from Apps!

    That sure is a furry horse, too! Lol!

  9. I've just accidentally (I don't even remember how) discovered your blog. You are very entertaining. I loved the Willy post!! You could have substituted "men" where you said "horses" throughout! I look forward to more.