Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Vacation Destination Recommendation? Hey! That rhymes!

My Mom, sister and I are pondering one of life's great questions...

Where we're going to go to escape the gray doldrums of this West Coast weather. We're planning a trip for the first week of March and cant decide where we'd like to go.... only that where ever it is there must be sun, nice warm weather and sandy beaches.

One of the biggest factors is cost. My mom is awesome at shopping for deal online but because havent focused on one specific area it has made it more difficult for her to narrow down our options.

There are a lot of cheap packages to Mexico but as my Mom and I love to cook (and because we are all pretty fussy eaters (and I dont drink) we've decided against an all inclusive (food and beverage). Also, I'm not crazy about grocery shopping in Mexico. We also agree that we'd prefer to be on the Caribbean side and not in a place that is jam packed with tourists.... but safety is of issue too.

Which is why Hawaii is at the top of our list right now.

But we cant decide which Hawaiian Island (or which city on which island) would be our best bet. Our plan for Hawaii is to rent a place through (vacation rentals by owner), as well as rent a car and to cook our own meals. The prices of flights right now are not great but we're going to wait and see if something comes on sale.

Miami, Texas, Bahamas, and the "eastern" destinations are an option but as we're on the West Coast we'd have to consider travel time.

Does anyone have a vacation destination recommendation? Hey! That rhymes!


  1. Hey, my husband and I are going to Hawaii in May! We are going to the island of Kauai, which is not one of the most popular because there's not a lot to do but sight-see there. I know a lot of people recommended Maui to us. Not sure what city to suggest though. Good luck and have fun!

  2. OH MY GOSH do I ever?

    Okay Hawaii is good I have been there twice. This time of year is especially nice. I would recommend the Big Island - or Kauai (if you want quieter). Alot of people opt for Maui because they THINK it is quieter - in reality EVERYONE IS thinking that. The Big island will give you the National Park around the Volcano, which is just AWESOME, the Kona coffee plantation if you are into that and a nice micro brewery. You will also get nice beaches (black sand, green sand, and white) but they will be busy - there is great night life. Kauai is nice quiet fantastic beaches and pretty pretty pretty.

    If you want to save some cash may I recommend Tucson AZ. Yes Arizona! It is TRULY amazing this time of year (assuming its done raining, which I think it is) there is TONS of hiking - super great resorts (I'd like to recommend the Hilton El Conquistador, they have a great pool) horse back riding out in the desert, and some major good shopping and eating. You'll get all the sun and sand you want. Stop and visit the Kit Peak Observatory - now making some major break throughs in solar observation and study. I could literally hook you up with a months worth of cool stuff to do down there. Don't even get me started on the rock opportunities and historic sites to visit... it's just a way cool place to visit - and it's about 2 hours from West World their big even center in Scottsdale where all the horse shows are held.

    Where ever you go I hope you have a blast!

  3. Ok I meant to say "rock hound opportunities and "even"t" center" - sorry!

  4. First off - you lucky west coast folks - having Hawaii as a close destination is just not fair!!! lol

    My hubby has been to Hawaii - he liked Kauai and the Big Island... although I doubt you could go wrong anywhere... Honolulu can be busy and expensive though, he mentioned...

    You could also look at Costa Rica - I've heard alot of good things from people that have visited there...

    Have fun planning with your Mom and Sis - the planning and anticipation is half the fun!

  5. No recommendations, but I look forward to hearing all about your trip. Hawaii is on my bucket list. Everyone in my family has gone but me. When I do go, it will probably be Maui or the Big Island. Have fun planning your trip and considering all the good possibilities.

  6. Kauai is wonderful!! Very beautiful and a great place but another really nice option is Aruba. It is a very, very beautiful Island and is extremly safe. We stayed in Aruba for a week and took public buses everywhere (along with all the other tourists!) Just not sure how it fits in with travel distance... worth a looksee!

  7. Hey Chel - where's the pic from? Wherever that is - it looks GORGEOUS!!!

  8. I didn't really enjoy Maui - found it too touristy and expensive, however my mom loves Hawaii and goes back every year - lol. Some friends of mine have a condo in Costa Rica and love it there. Not as expensive with a lot of variety in what you can do. (Rainforest and beach!)

    What about a place like Palm Springs - some families at my school went over Christmas and really enjoyed it.

  9. Hmmm...if you're thinking Hawaii I would recommend either the Big Island or Maui. I've been to Maui, Oahu, and Kauai...of course, can't really go wrong with any of them, but I found Maui to be a good mix of beautiful scenery/plenty to do. If you don't want to travel quite as far, I've always thought a good "chick" vacation would be a Napa Valley spa trip. 'Course you don't have the sandy beach thing there though. I say Hawaii baby! P.S. JEALOUS!

  10. You are so lucky getting to go away for a girl's vacation! Hawaii sounds wonderful. I was there once when I was very young, but I'd love to go back now.

  11. I grew up in Hawaii. If you want to hang out on the beach I recommend Kauai. The Big Island is nice for the Volcano National Park and Waimea is pretty cool for horse people, but keep in mind that in does rain a good deal there, and there are times of the year when you can go and it down pours for the entire week you are there. My family ran a bed and breakfast and we always thought it was a hoot when tourists came to bicycle around the island and camp but it had rained on them the whole time. As in down pouring rain, not a tropical sprinkle. Sure it's warm but you still get wet!

  12. Hawaii is awesome!! We used the same place you're thinking of to book our cottage on the beach. Ours was called Tree Top Studio - very nice people to rent from. I wouldn't worry too much about which city, because all the islands except the big island are quite small and with a rental car you can cover the entire island in a day. Pick a small beach town if you want privacy on the beaches and more of a less touristy experience. I'd recommend staying away from the big cities like Honolulu--crazy busy like every other city you've ever been to! Hawaii is beautiful and you'll enjoy it whichever island you pick. However, like some others have said...there are many wonderful sunny locations right here in the mainland USA to pick from and would probably be cheaper in the longrun...Arizona, Palm Desert, New Mexico...the list is endless. Have fun!!!! I am so jealous!!!

  13. Girl, I just got back from a cruise and it was 250 a person! It was awesome!! I posted pictures of the beach we went to today!!! But Hawaii would be so cool!!! Either way, take pictures and let us all know about how much fun you have!!!!