Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have you had H1N1?

It has been a tough week. I'm still sick but (with the help of an unhealthy dose of codeine) I managed to get a decent nights sleep last night and despite a codeine headache and lingering cough I'm definitely on the mend. The jury is still out on whether I had H1N1 (the test takes a week) but I am also being treated for bronchitis or some secondary infection. Oddly enough the same week I became sick there were reports all over the news that H1N1 has been hitting healthy women under the age of 30 unusually hard and that many have ended up in the hospital. As I said, I'm not sure I have H1N1 but I did end up going to the hospital the night before last because I simply could not catch my breathe and my cough was so persistent that I was retching. I haven't been that sick in a really, really long time.... The fevers, constant body ache, and sore throat have been brutal.

It seems a lot of people have been hit with a cold and flu right now. I know four people who are sick, one who has actually been diagnosed with H1N1. I'm wondering how many of you out there have friends and family who are sick and if they are associating their illness with H1N1 or have been confirmed with having it?


  1. Oh man, that sounds just miserable! Glad to hear you are on the mend though! Outside of blogger land I haven't heard of too many people getting sick recently. One of my facebook friends (old, old friend, never see her in the flesh) was quarantined with H1N1, but that's about as close as I got.

    Hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Adventures, I've been sick for the last 4 days with something that sounds exactly like what you've got - body aches, fever, and sore throat that are brutal and just don't let up. I haven't been tested for H1N1 though. Hubby brought this one from Newfoundland, we think, so we've dubbed it "H1-NL" :)

    I am NOT looking forward to dragging my ass to work tomorrow!

  3. What I sort of had and what My Honey got nailed with what sounds a lot like yours. My cough wasn't horrible, just persistant. My poor Honey was rhetching he was coughing so bad and he had no control. We were both achy, stiff and sore for several days and then the headaches hit. Mine-not so severe. Again MH got the worst of it. He said it felt like someone jackhammering over his eye.

    I have no idea if that was H1N1 or not.

    Wishing yo a speedy recovery though. Drink lots of hot green tea with honey in it. Does wonders for the cough!

  4. Wow! The symptoms you describe Chelsi remind me of the contagious pneumonia my family and I had a couple years ago. It sucks that you're sick! I'm sorry!

    Dude's school is vaccinating all the kids and any parents interested for H1N1 at the end of the month- beginning of November. For that, I AM grateful!

    My husband was sick last month and there was some question if it might be H1N1 since he travels for work a lot. Whatever it happened to be was never discovered and he recovered within a couple weeks. His employer *encouraged* him to work from home during that time period, which I'm sure helped his recovery a lot (nothing like listening to mindless conference calls and playing xbox, eh?)

    I hope you get better very, very soon! Wish I could send you some of my homemade chicken soup!


  5. Sounds horrible!! Oh my! I really hope you feel better soon. I only know of one six year old boy who was actually diagnosed with a mild case. He was better after about a week. So, not so bad. He had a low grade fever. I am really hoping I don't get this, it sounds horrible!!

  6. My 5 year old son and 1 year old son both tested positive for H1N1. But we knew in like 12 minutes! I wonder why your test is taking so long?! The reason I even took my kids in was because the 5 year old had a very high fever (just under 104) and a cough. Other than that he was still bouncing around like a fool! Good luck to you, hope you get to feeling better soon!

  7. Center for Disease Control has stated that H1N1 is no more dangerous then the common flu we see every year. It is the drug companies who are pushing this flu scare to sell their vaccines by the millions to make billions. Paul

  8. I hope you are feeling better! I still have the nasty cough from my cold. It started as a very severe sore throat, but all my colds start out that way. I know it wasn't the flu. My colds typically last for 3-4 weeks, with the cough anyways. I think my cough is at is worst point and it should start tapering off.
    I am not too concerned with the swine flu, but I probably should knock on some wood. I don't know anyone that has gotten it either.
    Hopefully you don't have it, and I wish you a speedy recovery!!

  9. Well unfortunately I know multiple people who have it... They have said basically say 70% of the flu cases are H1N1, and they have said around here if you think it's the flu then you should assume its H1N1. Your symptoms match to a T of what I've been seeing. The problem with this is one of the risk factors is pneumonia, and that's where it can get bad. Your DR should have given you the anti-virals because they relieve the symptoms but it is typically given at onset or within a day or so. If you have trouble breathing or coughing really bad, pain in your chest you should contact your DR..

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  10. I have heard of no one who has had it or even suspected they have it.

    Hope you're feeling better soon. Hot toddies!

  11. A couple of my friends took a trip to England in July and within a few days of getting back, one of them had H1N1. Yuck. I guess the meds helped pretty quickly though, and the test didn't take that long here.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Sorry to hear you are still sick - hope you are feeling better soon. I hope it isn't H1N1 - although maybe it is best to have caught it and got it over with...?? Hard to say.

  13. I have to agree w/ least if you had it, you are now immune! My friend just got over a nasty flu (aches and cough, the cough was really bad, her fever was mostly low-grade.) She got it from her neice, who had a fever of 103. No tests to prove H1N1, but since it's early for the flu season, they are saying if you have a bad flu, it's probably swine. I just got my regular flu shot yesterday- which I never get. I never get the flu! Just lots of colds from the kiddos. But this year, I wanted to be extra cautious.
    Anyway, I hope you are on the mend soon!! Rest, rest, rest, and drink lots of fluids!

  14. Aww that just sucks! One friend of mine was diagnosed with it last week, she is in Colorado, but she flies a lot for work.
    It sounds like you may be on the mend, but don't overdo it! We'll all be waiting for you when you feel better!