Friday, March 26, 2010

Help! My purse is soaked in beer!

Help! My poor purse! DB bought me a purse for Christmas a few years ago and I just love it... it has buttery soft Roots leather, it's the perfect size, has easy access and the perfect length of strap... *sigh*

Ladies, you know how hard it is to find the perfect every day purse!! Well I had it!

But it needs saving!

You see....

This evening DB and I went to the Tim McGraw concert. (It f'n ROCKED!!! I mean really, really rocked it and I didnt even consider myself that big of a fan (of his music anyways *ahem*) Here is a link to his tour dates, go see 'em!)


But never mind that now!

The problem is that some jackass spilled his beer on my purse! That soft buttery leather is now totally saturated with that sickly sweet, sticky booze! Yuck!

Is there any way it can be saved?


  1. Try Leather CPR or any good cleaner, then conditioner. At this point, you have nothing to lose.

    Easy on the eyes, isn't he ;-)

  2. Like Leah said you have nothing to lose, I used to wash show chaps all the time.
    Wash it, I'd try rinsing the whole thing under tepid (not hot) running water, gently rubbing and squeesing the stained areas, if the smell is persistent I'd pour over a couple cups of club soda, maybe put it in a bag for a few minutes with the club soda (like 5 or 10 tops), rinse out the club soda, then I'd stuff it with dry towels, changing the towels every 30 minutes, dry them in the dryer between changes, let the towels cool before using them for stuffing, place it it in a cool breezy area. Maybe set a plain fan up to blow room air.
    Let it dry completely, then use a mild leather dressing sparingly to restore the surface and condition it.

    Washing the whole thing keeps water stains from developing and lets the leather recover all at the same rate.

    I've used that method skipping the dressing for chaps and they turn out beautifully.

    Pics would help.... I'm waiting for a tutorial ;~)

  3. Yikes! Hopefully you can get that sticky beer off! I am not a good one for leather advice!
    I love Tim McGraw! Glad you had fun!

  4. That picture makes me weak at the knees.... Cant beleive I missed his concert. Glad you had a good time. Try washing your purse with water then leather New that should do the trick.

  5. If it were me, I'd be trying the Murphy's Oil Soap to wash out that icky beer. Then afterwards maybe Leather CPR or some other good leather conditioner.

  6. I'm seeing him on tour, I am so excited! I've never seen him in concert!
    Sorry about your purse! That's a bummer!