Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blessed is the Quiet

(Please excuse Arial. I just felt she belonged with this post for some odd reason. Which actually got me thinking about Arial from the movie The Little Mermaid... and how the title is kind of funny because Arial, the mermaid in the movie wasnt that little... in fact she was pretty average in size... which makes me think that the title "The Mermaid" had either already been taken or just didnt have the same ring to it... either way... on to my post about "being quiet" ... which I've pretty much blown to hell now by writing this super rambling photo caption and singing "Under-da-sea" to myself in a Jamaican accent... which makes me wonder why the crab was Jamaican... made me wonder enough to look it up and discover that his real name is Horatio Ignatius Crustaceous Sebastian.. but he just goes by Sabastian for short... which is great because that guy from CSI Miami is named Horatio and I cant stand that weasley bastard.... but I guess I better leave that quandary for another time.)

I love to blog. I love the blogs of my peers. But these past few months I've been more content to remain quiet and have not been inspired to write and share or even to explore and comment on others blogs, no matter how much I value their authors. I am not bored of this format of creativity and still very much care to keep this blog alive. But not today. And not yesterday. And maybe not even tomorrow. Though the writing of this post is a contradiction of sorts.

As women we feel this inherent need to share- to express and commensurate. We also sometimes feel the need to wrap ourselves in the comforts of home and tune out the world at large, to seek that quiet place within ourselves and rest a while there. So please excuse me if I take this time. And don't be surprised if I change my mind tomorrow... another distinct female trait, fickleness, is one I'm certainly guilty of at times:)

Thank you for your well wishes for my sister.... She is resting and healing.


  1. Sorry, I'm playing blog catch-up, so just learned of your sister's injury. I'm glad she's home and doing okay, but that still had to be pretty darn scary.

  2. I'm late, like usual. I'm sorry to hear about your sister, the cruddy ending to your vacation and glad that she is doing better.

    My MIL broke her coccyx on a ski-doo thing in Grand Cayman early last week. Of course, it wasn't discovered until after she endured the 20 hour plane ride home and went to see her own doctor.

    Your sister my sympathy and best wishes for her recovery.

    Take a break. Enjoy the quiet. We'll be around when you're ready to pop in again.

  3. Well written and insightful as always!

  4. I just found your blog, and I can safely say that I don't follow very many at all, but I LOVE yours! I love your style and your thoughts and your spirit. So glad I found you. I shared the incredible photo of your latest post on my blog just now. Will be back. Thank you for inspiring me.

    Ps. I send healing thoughts to your sister. My sister and I are very very close also and I understand what it's like to go through the storms together. Best wishes and feminine strength to you both.