Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I cast the role of Jamie Fraser!

I FOUND HIM!!! Oh yes I did! I found Jamie!...

...(as in James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.... as in the actor to play Jamie Fraser in the Outlander movie! As in the screen adaptation of the best selling Outlander series by the amazing Diana Gabaldon!... die hard fans have endlessly debated the casting of this larger-than-life-but-oh-so-glorious-Scott but almost always come back to the same man... but it will not do!

I am bucking the trend and saying "Down with Gerard Butler!"

Okay, not really... I'm actually a big fan of Mr. Butler but Jamie is suppose to be 21 in Outlander, for goodness sakes! Gerard is in his forties already there is just no way he can pull off a coming-of-age Catholic virgin, Scottish accent or no!

So who did I find? Well, first let me tell you he's not Scots.... but really, how hard is it to master an accent that most people cant understand half the time anyways?

What counts is that he is big, buff and (maybe not Jamie's 6'4") but as far as actors go, a
near giant at 6'1"!

He's ruggedly good looking (having modeled for Ambercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle, GAP and others) and is currently the new "it" boy in Hollywood after the success of his staring role in Dear John.

His military, dance, and martial art background shine through giving him an authentic and athletic grace, raw physicality, poise and that (oh-so-necessary) menacing air of confidence and superiority.

His face roughly fits Gabaldons description of Jamie: close set, deep eyes, been-broken-before nose, and a full lower lip... his nose isnt long, nor is his mouth wide but he has the sharp edged jaw, and celtic look (having some Irish blood).

He even has a hint of red in his beard and a ruddy cskin that could easily pull off the look of a natural red head. And at age 29 he'll be the right age to play both Jamie of young and old(er).

Okay so are you ready? Wanna know who I've got?!!?

Why the fine Mr. Channing Tatum of course!

He has the face, body and moves but the big question is does he have the acting chops?

Maybe not... but he did an alright job in Stop-Loss.

Either way I'm totally sold on this guy for Jamie.

And I'm ready to start a campaign to get him the role!

Not really.

But I think the producers really aught to consider him!

Oh! And while I'm at it I should also mention that Keira Knightly (who most argue for the role of Claire) would need to put on a good 30 to 40 pounds to be a credible Claire. If I had to pick an actress for Claire right this minute, I'd go with Scarlet Johansson.

She has the clear pale skin, beautiful eyes, fine bone structure and full lips, butt and bust that Claire would require... though as with Channing her ability to actually bring the character to life might be of question. Anyways, at least physically Scarlet and Channing should be able to make it work, (make it work-work make it work (name that song). )

And that's all I have to say about that.... till next time at least:)


  1. Channing Tatum? Really? Oh, I don't know if I agree with you on that one... ;-p Size and build, yes... Looks? Nope. Too bad Ewan McGregor wasn't 6'4"...

    And boney Keira Knightly for Claire? ugh! I really like Claire's character and I think Keira Knightly just wouldn't work... What about Kate Winslet? Is she too old? *sigh*

  2. Not a bad pick for Jamie, we don't want a pretty boy that's for sure! Has to have some "heft" to the man.

  3. Good to hear from you and thank you for stopping by! I enjoyed your commentary on this movie. I cannot believe this character is supposed to be 21 with JAMMF! No way! I like your picks, Channing with hair of course and Scarlet, unfortunately all I have ever seen her in is the Horse Whisperer....I'm sure she would love hearing that since she's tried so hard to ditch that character! I'll have to rent some of her movies (I'm just not a movie buff)...takes a lot to entertain me. If I'm going to sit still for a couple of hours, it better be a good one!! LOL! If it has horses, I'm glued though. I'll be back to visit! I love your header and your blog is nice easy to read! Like the background!

  4. 40 pounds? Have you been drinking?

  5. You're going to have all kinds of opinions on this one but I kind of agree with your choices although I do think that Gerard Butler could probably pull it off.

  6. I think Gerard Butler could pull it off too! Sorry....

  7. Haven't read the books but I just have to say MMMMM...Channing! He's my current major celeb crush. ;) Though Gerard is right up there too. lol I think I need to go find these books and get to reading!

  8. Hmm interesting post! I read and loved those books, but I don't see either of those guys for Jamie. I think they will need to look high and low for some one who has the 'chops' and the Outlanderishness for the roles. And I do picture Claire as more robust than Keira. More womanly and healthy for sure.

  9. mmm.... what a pleasant suprise to see you cover this topic. I just started Echo (FINALLY!) after a full re-read of all the books the last 3 months.

    I had not thought of Tatum for Jamie... though with the right costume, hair extensions/dye, contacts (theres no way they would ever get away with a brown eyed Jamie!) and an accent... HMM.... I bet he could pull it off visually. Whether he'd bring Jamie to life? I doubt any actor on the face of the planet could EVER live up to million's of women's high expectations of what they expect to see Jamie portrayed as.

    I will have to disagree with you though on Claire... I can't see Scarlett as Claire. The only actress I personally could ever envision as Claire is Rachel Weisz Even as I read, its Rachel's face I see. And I have no doubt that she has the talent to pull off Claire's character.

    (new to your blog, but enjoying it immensely!)

  10. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH are you serious???
    This is the worst possible casting that could ever happen EVER to this book series. God help us if the movie people that be decide to do what you just suggested.

    They need unknown people for sure. Getting stars that are the flavour of the month would totally ruin this series.

  11. Ok, Jamie is supposed to have flaming red hair, slightly slanted blue eyes, a strong jaw, and built like a brick armory, right? Look up Zach Ward, Canadian actor from "Titus" in the '90's. About the height? Well, remember height doesn't matter in film. Remember Lord of the Rings? Hagrid from Harry Potter?

  12. Ok, MAYBE David Wenham, but he's just a little too...well I just don't think he'd snap my neck if I insulted Clire, ye ken?

  13. Whoever the actor is he does not already have to be a redhead. Anyone can be a redhead. Its more about picking other characteristics. Height, facial and body structure.

    And it doesn't really matter if he already has a Scottish accent. A good actor can perfect one if he is dedicated to the role. Heck, my brother can pull off a decent scottish accent at the drop of the hat.

    With that, there are few actors out there that are either a natural redhead and have a Scottish accent and that are not in their upper 30s or 40s, like Gerard Butler. I am not putting him down, that man is a sexy beast. He would defiantly need to be casted in the movie as someone. but when you think of Jamie Fraser you don't think 40 year old. He could pull off an older Jamie, i guess. But I dream of young Jamie personally.

    I do agree with some of the others, maybe an unknown actor. Someone new or not that known yet. My suggestion is Chris Hemsworth? He is tall (6'3"), beautiful blue eyes, great body and all he would need is to become a redhead. he is only 28 years old, he's young enough to play Jamie as 23 and i think he can look older to play Jamie in his 40s. every time i see him i think, Jamie!

  14. Yes i agree, Channing probably could pull it off.
    Gerard s too old as much as i would love him as an older Jamie, No way could he play a young twenty's Jamie.

    Chris Hemsworth would also make a great Jamie IMO.

    I'd definitely say Rachel Weiz as Claire, she is perfect.

  15. I'm WITH YA girlfriend!

  16. he is in no way hot enough to be Jaime. I wish y'all could see inside my head because my Jaime? my Jaime is DEAD SEXY.

  17. What about Matthew McConaughey, he would make a great Jamie Fraser

  18. Well..... Maybe. I'm still sticking with Ioan Gruffudd :-) They'd better hurry, though, he's getting older with each passing year!!

  19. I agree that Chris Hemsworth would be perfect!! Rugged,yet soft with those inviting blue eyes, very tall, sexy deep voice, and he is built!!! Almost matches up to the perfect Jamie who lives in my head :)

  20. New unknown actors for James Alexander Malcom McKenzie Frasier & Claire Beauchamp. Only a 2012 Paul Newman & Elizabeth Taylor types for these roles. May be hard to find..but the characters are larger than life, and totally unique.

  21. How about that wrestler from Scotland, Drew Galloway? He is young (27), tall, handsome and very mascular!

  22. I disagree that Gerard Butler is to old. You are talking movie magic aren't you? It could happen. They have done it before. Also, I think you need an actress with chops. One who has done serious or comedy. Why not Mila Jovovich?