Sunday, March 28, 2010

Team of Horse Crazed Blogger-Buddies!!

It's a well known by both my friends, family and fellow bloggers that I tend to stalk horses online.... I peruse the sale ads sites, sniff up deals, bookmark favorites and then go back time and time again to see if my chosen few have sold. However, rarely do I look at horses locally (as to avoid temptation) and I have a rule about not contacting sellers unless I'm in the market...

However, I'm not great with rules.

And so, when in summer of last year I found a local mare online that really liked and despite the fact I was in no position to buy a horse.... and despite that she was vastly inappropriate- not being the right size, breeding, conformation, training or having potential in any discipline I'm interested in- and despite my golden rule, I contacted the owner and immediately starting scheming how I might get her....

However, eventually logic did win out and after watching some video and getting the advice from Cheli's Team of Logical-Minded Friends I talked myself out of pursuing her any further....

I told myself to forget about her and never looked back.

*hysterical laughter* Oh my! As if... A rabid dog with a juicy bone aint got nothin' on me baby!

I didnt forget about her. But I did move on.

*snort* Oh, I crack myself up.

Less than a month later I was e-mailing the owner again to see if we could work out a lease but the owner needed to get her sold and I couldnt commit to a lease to purchase. I knew it was for the best.... and so I actually resisted temptation for a second time!

But the story doesnt end there! I had to resist her yet again when I discovered that she had come back up for sale or lease early this year by the lady who purchased after I crapped out! I contacted the new owner but quickly discovered that a lease wouldnt work due to an issue I'll not get into here (to due with bad bitchy blood with a related party).... and so I let her go once and for all....

Of course that didnt stop me from lamenting over her, watching her videos and going back to moon over her picture a few times a month... or week... (not everyday, I promise!) I just couldnt put my finger on why I was inexplicably drawn to her, why I was infatuated with a horse I've never met and would never allow myself to buy....

Okay, so it's not exactly unheard of for me to obsess over horses I want. But this one was more inexplicable than most!

And so I went out and found Jewel, the horse I am currently semi-leasing- a nice, broke, quiet and sensible mare.

Anyways, yesterday I went out to the barn for the first time in a month, looking forward to a nice little ride to get back in to the swing of things before my lesson (also the first in a month) on Monday. The barn where Jewel lives is a small private farm with just 6 stalls and a few run-in sheds, and just two boarders. The two paddock/sheds had been empty for some time and so I was a little surprised when I went to grab Jewel from the field to find an unfamiliar sorrel mare staring back at me from across the fence. I walked up to greet her, clucking softly and cooed "Hey there stranger, who're you?" when a rustling from the dark confines of the adjoining shed brought me up short. I squinted into the blackness to find a faint white stripe bobbing in tune with the rustle of hay in a plastic trough. I clucked again and a head shot up. A black mare, bright eyes glinting in the faint light huffed a breath to take in my scent. A chill ran up my spine as I took in a thin white blaze both distinct and familiar in shape. The mare. My mare. The one I'd never met but lusted after for months! She had found me.

"Damn it!" My brain piped up, "Step away from the horse Chelsi. Dont go to her. Dont! Stop! No, if you pet her you're going to want her! Oh man! Her muzzle just touched my cheek! Oh no! It's so soft! Run! Get away before it's too late!" And then... *sigh* I gave up. I gave in and loved up on her. I let myself "feel" her.

And then I phoned DB (Darling Boyfriend) and the rest of the Chelsi's Team of Logic-Minded Friends and let them talk me down.

I cant have this mare.

No way. No how.

I'm almost ready to accept that.

So I'll now address my Team of Fellow Horse Crazed Blogger-Buddies...

*motions towards the floor... or in the case keyboard*

Tak'er away!

PS- I'm pretty sure she's not sound and wouldnt stand up to hard work... just a minor detail, really...


  1. You would almost think it was fate that your mare showed up at the barn you frequent huh?

    Run away Horse Crazed, run away!

  2. I would think it was fate too. But, then, I recently had some growth- you'll have to come on over if you want to hear about that. I don't want to spam up your comments here.

    Anyways, back to my point... My point? What was that again? Ah, yes...

    I've had 3 not-really-right-for-me horses in as many years. (Casey being the exclusion here because he IS Mr. Right) The thing is, it's hard to admit when it's not working for you. And there's all this guilt about letting go when they aren't right. And that's hard, so people like you and I try to MAKE it work, but then, in the long run, we aren't happy. Horses are supposed to bring people like us happiness. When they no longer do, because it's not the right horse, it's damaging to both us and the horse. Add in the guilt factor, and it will just snowball.

    YOU DO NOT NEED THIS MARE, CHELSI. You've already said she's not right. Too small, wrong breed, possibly lame... Don't do it! Don't fall in love! Don't lease, don't buy! Just walk away. Buying her and her not being right would be doing a dis-service to the mare. You'd be keeping her right person from coming along and finding her. Go ahead, ask me how I know.

  3. I work solely on impulse (which is really a BAD thing) and normally would say that it's fate and you must get her! lol

  4. interesting. I'm usually someone who works from an emotionally-based position when it comes to horses, so you probably don't want to know what I'd probably do. :) What's "right" for you may not be what you think is right for you. Just something to think about...

  5. Oh my.......... I am no help. I am a pretty emotionally based myself when it comes to horse decisions. Then look at me, I have 29 head and counting and really can't afford them. Maybe looking at me would be a good thing to get you to run!

    It does somehow seem like fate though......... sorry, couldn't resist. Like I said, resistance is not my thing. LOL

    How about this..... I'll support you whatever you decide...... don't ya hate that for a wishy washy answer. LOL

  6. Cool story!! I'm dying to know more about this mare, have you done a previous post? Why is she at this barn? Why is she not sound? Tell us more! ;)
    p.s. before I got MB I did a lot of horse shopping online, and even have people send me pictures, pedigrees, etc. I even called on a few horses and made arrangements to possibly look at a few, but never did. I think things aren't right until they are never know!

  7. I can't let you do it, as your fellow horse loving friend I would kick you. I too have a soft spot for the "one" and spend many hours online looking at the bargain/rescue horse, but when it comes down to it, the horse that needs rescuing normally needs a large pocketbook to go along with it. I love my horse I have now, but I so look forward to having the day that I can have the safe, always sound, do it all horse. One I can plunk the hubby on, kids on, and one day grand kids on without worry.

  8. Chelsi - some thoughts for you. I'm going to play devil's advocate. What is it about this horse that calls to you? There has to be a reason. The one horse that called to me that I didn't buy - is the one I regret not purchasing. He didn't fit into my program then but would he ever now! Ultimately you're the one who needs to live with your decision.

    I believe there's a reason everything happens - we just don't necessarily know it at the time. This coming from the girl who's in the uncomfortable position of putting a horse she loves, but doesn't need, up for sale - for the good of the horse. Tough decisions....

  9. Whew, you had me swinging back and forth on this one. I was hoping you'd get her, then, no, something isn't right with this mare. Good thing you have that group of Logic-Minded friends. Keep them on speed dial. ;-)

  10. I understand what you are feeling I do - and if things are meant to be they will work themselves out and if they are not everything will be difficult listen to the universe....

    You know I would only be in favor of you actually owning another horse you can rehab and ride yourself....

  11. OH Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy... step away from the mare... the mare that you have secretly loved and wanted and dreamed about, the mare that somehow made her way to you since you did not bring her to you.. LOL oh my...

    Life is strange. aybe you coul djust make friends wiith her owner and ride her once in a while???

    good luck... sorry for not being much help!

  12. I am a spirit person. I believe in the spirit guiding your soul.
    Sometimes the right animal comes into your life for the right reason, and you have to have it because it belongs to you and it to you.
    No matter who has this animal it will not be right for either animal nor owner.
    I'd continue to keep an eye on the horse and see how it works out for the new owner.Maybe you will see more things you like and then you will know the reasons why you feel the way you do.:)