Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Pull of the Project Horse

(Aztec stallion Brio)

Last night I was having supper with DB and chatting, as usual, with the wonderful folks who staff and run the restaurant when one of the girls there gave me the latest update on her mother's horse, Cisco. Now, this is a gelding is one I've been intrigued with for some time as a few months ago the Mom and I were having a chat and she expressed how she doenst have any time for Cisco and wondered if I wanted to spend some time with him, (she also lent me a DVD of him showing a very cute four-year-old Andalusian QH cross (Aztec) gelding with a pretty way of going and a decent yet green handle under saddle.) At that time I had a lease horse and was taking lessons and so after much (inner monologue) debate I resisted the temptation and declined her offer.

Since then I've heard off and on that the distention between her Mom and Cisco continued....the longer he sat not being used the more the distance between them grew until everything came to a head one day when her Mom met and fell in love with a Mini... a mini who Cisco met and instantly decided to kick the crap out of. Anyways, last night I hear that Cisco is for sale. Of course I havent stopped thinking about him since.

(Diesel the Beagle hanging out at the barn, looking at Roxy's paddock)

Next horse, Roxy. A solid bay four-year-old bay mare I met a few weeks ago. She isnt clicking with her owner either... a difference in personality types we'll call it. Well, her and I got along just fine. She has a pretty head, nice big solid body and a sweet eye. I didnt ride her but I did spent a good while hanging over the fence loving up on her. Roxy will come up for sale next month. I havent stopped thinking about her either.

(My friend's Arab cross mare, barnmate of Roxy)

What is it with the pull of the "reject"horse. ("reject" meaning the horses the owners dont want for whatever reason.) Is it Flicka Syndrome? Is it just that I have a soft spot for to the misfits? Is it that I want to make a good horse, instead of buy one. Pride? Greed? Scottish thrift? I want to buy both of these horses.... even though neither of them really suit my needs.

I can not buy them.... but that doesnt mean that I have to stop dreaming about what I'd do with them if I could!


  1. Ugh, it's a curse, isn't it? I don't know why but I'm attracted to the "reject" horses too. You know how they say women are attracted to the "bad boys"? I figure since I have a good husband I'm attracted to the troubled horses instead, lol. Maybe if my man was a jerk I'd want a nice, sensible horse ;) At least I have enough sense to know I shouldn't buy them even if I could. For now...

    What does "DB" stand for? I always wonder.

  2. I don't know how to help you, but I know exactly how you feel. In fact, we joke around at our place that unless you're broken or "special" we don't want you! Our heeler was an abandoned rescue, our other pup was turned into the animal shelter. Our two black cats were from the first litter of a barn cat. Our white cat was found wandering the streets at 4 months old. And lastly, our two horses were given to us because no one else could ride them or no longer wanted to deal with anymore! Plus, it is extremely rewarding to turn these "rejects" into fabulous mounts/pets! Anyways, if you find the cure, send it my way!

  3. Some of us just have that special place in our hearts for those kind of horses (or any animal). And some people would rather not deal with the problem horses. I personally feel so much better taking in one that needs a home, and I am all for trying to rehabilitate too. Otherwise who knows where they could end up. That is my problem, I worry about their future and what may become of them!

  4. I think we all daydream about saving horses...or finding the diamond in the rough. I never thought about the "Scottish thrift"....that could be a contributing factor as well:-).

  5. I love the challenge of a problem. There's such a good feeling that goes along with fixing that kind of horse that makes them irresitible to those of us that love that sort of thing.

  6. I'm truly at odds on this one. Here I am with a problem horse that I can't ride but yet I know I'd be bored silly if my horse was perfect perfect perfect and never made a bad step. I mean, what would I write about?!