Thursday, May 6, 2010

Black & Tattoo


That would be my new hair color.

Not dark brown. Not brunette. Not mahogany. Black.

I feel like I need to start wearing leather. And get a nose piercing. Maybe even a tattoo! Oh! Oh! I like that idea!....

I'm totally going to find a magic marker and make myself a (semi-permanent) bad ass!

Okay okay... no tattoo.

Do you have a tat?

If getting a tattoo were painless... and having a tattoo removed were painless, scar-less and inexpensive would get one?

If so, what of?

If not, why not?

If you already do, what is it of?

And yes, I am hoping it will fade out some... or a lot.


  1. I wanna see a picture of your black hair!!!
    No tattoos for me - I'm such a winp when it comes to pain :) If I was to get one though, probably ankle or somewhere I could hide if I wanted & something with my son's name.

  2. I like your hair black!! I think it looks really good!
    I have a tattoo. My parents took me to get one for my 25th birthday. Actually my mom got one too! I have a couple dolphins on the inside of my right ankle. I love dolphins, but now I wish it was of something different, but it is in a place that can be hidden! It was very painful, and the tattoo artist kept asking me if I was sure I wanted one on my ankle (my mom's is on the same ankle, but with a hummingbird, flowers and my dads initials). He said that it was one of the most painful places to get one. The outline didn't hurt, it was the coloring. Even though it was painful, I'd still like to get another one! Crazy, I know!

  3. I love your black hair!! It makes your eyes pop! Bold color is such a statement, right?! I have 2 tattoo's!! A longhorn on the lower/center of my back and a flower on the top of my foot (which I am going to add to soon)!!

  4. It's Goth Girl! It makes your eyes look really blue. What does your honey think?

    I have Kanji characters on my ankles that say 'balance'. I have a dolphin on my butt, and a beautiful tribal design with a large sun and the Kanji character for 'wife' across the small of my back.

  5. I like your hair - very dramatic!

    No tatoos here. If they were painless I might get one... I probably wouldn't be able to decide what to get and where though.

    I was in the navy reserves when I was in university and my Mom hates tatoos, so I always threatened her that I was going to get an anchor with "Mom" on it... hahahaha She didn't find it as funny as I did.

  6. I have one, got it more then 20 years ago. On my upper chest, right side (Above the right boob)That way I can cover it or not.
    Tats can hurt, the closer to a bone (Ankle, hands, wrist and feet)the more they hurt. Outlines not so bad, it's when they fill it in.
    I would get another one but they cost more then they did 20 years ago.

    Another name for a tat on the lower back is a "tramp stamp" Not calling anybody a tramp, just saying thats what they are called.

  7. Sure tattoos hurt, but not nearly bad enough to ever deter me from getting one, it's just one day, probably just a few hours, of pain. What you're left with is something awesome!

    I have three tattoos, the first one I got when I was 14, It's of a mustang running across my lower back (still love it)

    My second is an artistic dragon fly (not buggy) that I got when I was 17. It's squarely between my shoulder blades.

    My third one I just got about a month ago, it's on my right upper arm - on the inside. It says "Obladi Oblada" which means "Life Goes On"

    I wouldn't trade my tattoos for anything and I am already planning my fourth, although I'll probably wait a good 10 years before I get my next one, as it will commemorate my as-yet unborn kiddos.

  8. I have one tattoo - three horses running and it's my left lower back. I love it. I have always wanted more, and have 2 picked out but new hubby isn't so keen on the idea of more tattoos. One day :-)

  9. I was about to comment that it was weird no one mentioned horses until Hydrant girl. I'd get something horse related for sure.

  10. I love the hair! I've got 5 tats, a yellow rose on my back, a precious moments figurine on my shoulder, a heart inserted in a horseshoe on my ankle, the eternity symbol on my forearm, and some flowers on my foot... love them all!

  11. Your hair looks beautiful and compliments your complexion. No tats for me, even if they could be removed easily. I tend to accessorize simply too. Had my ears double pierced 30 years ago and quickly decided I didn't like wearing more than one pair of earrings. Just a plain and simple gal...but I do like to get my hair colored. Can't go black though. Your color looks fabulous on you!

  12. First off...I really like your hair. It does make your eyes pop. Pretty girl;)
    Let me also say how surprised I am to see how many of us have tattoos? Wow. I never would have thought. lol My Cowboy and I have matching Celtic Crosses. I wanted something with meaning, and we wanted to get something together. His is upper left above his chest. Mine...well mine in lower left, bikine line area shall I say. he he I wanted it private. I love it, it didn't hurt too much. I love that we have a meaningful tattoo we had done together. I say GO FOR It!!

  13. Your new do looks very nice. What prompted the change?

    I've got 2 homemade tats (done with a needle and Indian ink) that my cousin's boyfriend did when I was 15. I don't mind the heart on my left shoulder, but the heart and initial J (my cousin's name is Jane) on my right ankle I could definitely do without. One day I plan on putting something over my ankle tat.

  14. I have had black hair for years, although now that I'm so old I go with a dark brown. It looks good on you!!

    No tatoos, I'm not convinced that I wouldn't change my mind and wish it was something else. Permanent is too permanent!