Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet John Wayne

There's someone I'd like you to meet....

I took these photos this morning after getting a call from my dear friend Barb saying that she was away at a rodeo but her husband had just called to say that this little one had finally arrived...

Only THREE WEEKS OVERDUE!!! But better late than never, right...

Having arrived so late there was more than a little anticipation as to what she was going to have. My friend was hoping for a palomino filly. "Hoping" is a huge understatement. She hoped. She prayed. She begged...
So when she called early this morning I awoke and seeing her number on the call display I didn't even wait to say good morning I simply answered with "WHAT DID SHE HAVE!!!"

Barb replied, "A Filly! A filly!!!"
"No way!!

I shouted in a whisper (DB was still trying to sleep). "What color!!?!?!"

"I DON'T KNOW!!" Barb cried.

Poor Barb, after waiting three weeks for this foal she finally had to go away to ride a rodeo leaving only her husband home on foal watch. Wayne has plenty of calving experience but not much with foals... the best he was able to do in describing the color was to say it was a "brownish filly"...

Barb was so thrilled to hear the filly part she temporarily forgot she was also praying for a palomino.
And so I jumped in the car and drove over with camera and cell phone in hand.

As I walked into the barn I called Barb and said, "OMG it's SOOOOOO cute!!! That eye! Those legs! That blaze!"

What color!!! What color!!!"
Barb cried.

... Oh Barb I'm pretty sure it's a sorrel

What! Nooo.... palomino's can be pretty red at birth...? Right? Right

"Yah.... ummm... No I'm pretty sure...." I replied hesitantly.

"Oh but it's a filly right?.... right?" Barb said... a sneaky suspicion creeping in to her voice.

I lifted the tail. I looked under the belly. I didnt want to say it. Oh please dont let me have to say it.... and so I said, "Umm... I dont know. I see a bum... but... ahh...."

A long discussion of how to identify basic anatomy ensued.

"Well does it have balls?" She asked. "Ummm... well.. there's some flappies there but they could bee teats... (lol)...."

"Well does it have a vulva?" she cried...

"I cant see one!... " Her retort...."Well it can be really small at first...." Sadly this conversation went on for more than a few minutes as we both tried to deny the obvious....

And so I'd like you all to meet.....

John Wayne....


  1. Why is it that the fillies so often turn out to be colts, but the colts never seem to turn out to be fillies?! lol All the same, boy or girl, an adorable foal! Very exciting! I love baby season.

  2. I know that disappointment. I prayed for all my worth that Shooter was a filly. All I wanted was a healthy little girl. Dun or grulla would have been icing on the cake.

    But, JW is an adorable little thing and that is a very striking blaze. I bet he will grow up to be quite the handsome fellow.

  3. Lol, too funny. And thank you (&/or Barb) for properly referring to the external female genitalia as "vulva"'s amazing how many people get this wrong!

  4. I feel her pain! I have bred 3 different mares to 4 different stallions, praying for a filly. I have gotten 4 really nice colts. I have resigned myself to buying my mares/fillys as mother nature/luck doesn't seem to be on my side!
    And it is odd how hard it is when you are excited to sex a newborn!
    Great story thanks for the laugh!

  5. Cute little guy! He's pretty red!

  6. I think I've finally learned not to pray for fillies. Some how those darn prayers short circuit and I get colts.

    And there's no way that red coat is going blonde, I'm afraid.

  7. He's cute anyway!

    I was lucky with the one filly we had, we desperately wanted a gal, and that's what we got! We were all super excited because she was all chromed up, her legs and her complete underbelly where nice and white…

    …then she shed out…to a mottle brown…with no chrome.


  8. What a handsome little man!! Those legs! That blaze! Funny though, how could a MAN not notice the penis!!?? I'm mean, really, they're pretty obvious, enough the baby ones! He's gonna be quite the looker I think, but a red one at that.

  9. I know it's disappointing but he's awfully cute,

  10. Cute no matter what the sex or color.... LOVE THE NAME