Sunday, May 9, 2010

Keeping a horse, now and forever.

Miss Abigail and her filly.

Have you ever dreamed of raising a foal from birth and keeping that horse for it's whole life through? Or have you already lived that dream, many times over?

I have never owned a single horse for more than five years. I can imagine what it would be like to have one horse for ten, fifteen or twenty years or more. I was simply shocked at the results of my poll question "What is the longest you've ever owned a horse?"

Check out the results!

under 1 year 2 (5%)

1-2 years 3 (7%)

3-5 years 6 (15%)

6-9 years 9 (22%)

10-13 years 6 (15%)

14-18 years 4 (10%)

19-22 years 4 (10%)

22+ years 6 (15%)

Six people have owned a single horse for over 22 years! My goodness! I would have guessed that less than two could claim to have. 35% of those who responded have owned a single horse for more than 14 years!

I have owned Abby for over two years now but oddly enough I've never actually had her at "home"... she hasnt even stepped foot on Canadian soil as of yet! On one had I cant wait to begin our life together and at the same time I feel like she's been apart of my daily life since she stepped off that trailer on a cold January day in '08. I love my little Miss Abigail but also cant imagine what it would be like to have her in my immediate care. I only hope that one day soon, this year even, she'll come home to stay, for good.... and maybe even forever. She's a keeper, that mare. And as hard as it may be to remember at times, she's mine:)


  1. Mare and foal look so much alike!

    I've had one for 13, one for 12, two for 9 and one for 8 years.

  2. I was one of the 19-22 year owners... I really had a goal for my old mare to make it to 25 years of ownership! We fell short, and I hope to try again with Fiona! (I have also owner a horse for only 6 months...I don't feel like every horse is a keeper for me. ) I hope you get to experience long term ownership with your mare. Its a great feeling.
    Your mare and her filly look great!!

  3. I've owned my boy since he was two, and he's now 9. I plan on owning him until his final days, we've been through too much together for me to ever sell him on. He's incredibly intelligent and I would be way too afraid he'd end up somewhere miserable.

    Your mare is gorgeous and her filly clearly takes after her!

  4. Try being on your third generation. It's cool. It's unbelievable how many characteristics are genetic.

    I hope you get Abby home as soon as possible and get to enjoy her for the rest of her life. She is definitely a keeper.

  5. What a poignant time to post this one Chelsi. It is Mother's Day and as with you wanting Abby forever so does the hope that when you have kids they are forever too.

    My heart goes out to those who have lost there son or daughter. I lost a brother when he was 21 and that loss was felt everyday from that day forward. What my Mom & Dad would have done to have him to hold, laugh, cry and share the joys and sorrows with and especially to know that he would have lived on long after they were gone.

    Despite the hurts that come along with having kids your heart is always forgiving. Their influence in your life is endless and each one bring a different type of joy. I am thankful that I have two incredibly beautiful daughters inside and out and a son who will hopefully fullfill his dreams one day.

    I am blessed to be your Mother.

    Happy Mothers day to all the other Mothers out there whether it be for our kids or your animals who become your kids.


  6. It sounds so strange that you own a horse that's never been "home". Have you ever spent time with her?

  7. Gosh that baby is CUTE! :) I plan to keep Midori until death do us part, but that is more because of her health issues that make it impossible for me to sell her with a clear conscience. I am all for being loyal to my horses that have served me well, but it's difficult when they are so expensive and not necessarily useful.

    Got your comments...I'll have to look into that Stacy Westfall thing. My trainer can get Midori to move her front end on her stops, but I haven't gotten there with her yet and all the planets really have to align *just* right for her to do it. She's learning though, I'm still amazed at how far she's come. I've been riding some other horses and trying to sort myself out too, which has really helped a lot. We're getting there. Slowly but surely. :) Our spins that ride were pretty pathetic, they have gotten way better then that, but she was a bit distracted. Darn it! lol Thanks for your input though!

  8. I've always bought my horses assuming they are going to be lifers. I think Page was the first one where I felt that we really weren't the right fit. It was a weird feeling reaching that realization. I want every horse to be like my first horse who stayed with me for most of his 31 years.