Monday, May 3, 2010

A Plethora of Updates....

I love the word plethora. It sounds so... anatomical when really it's anything's like a word in disguise...

*blank stare*

So I have a spattering of updates for you. Where to start?


That big move I told you about? It's not happening.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing. The reason why we're staying put is because my DB has an amazing business opportunity that will hopefully equate to more horsey $$ for me (That is how I measure our finances- by how much expendable horse dollars it creates:). But most importantly this new job has inspired him and filled his mind and heart with a new verve for life... it's piqued his innate creativity and rekindled his passion for business.

You know that expression, "If Momma aint happy, aint nobody happy?" well... the truth is that goes both ways. "If Daddy aint happy, aint nobody happy either!" He's happier and so am I.


I've put on a bunch of weight. Weight I could ill afford to gain. Two months. For two whole months (since my sisters accident) I've been pretty much sittin' on my derriere and eating like I aint got nothin' to loose. My Buddha belly would but Buddha to shame. I just have to get my bodatiously bubbly butt moving again and get ready for summer. I plan on starting immediately... just as soon as the weather clears... next month some time.


Horses. Where are the horses? I have not taken a lesson or gone for a ride in two months. Why? Well my mind was filled with little else but my sister's health for the entire month of March. The month of April I found I had regressed back into the Great Depression of 09! I only realized just how depressed I was in 09 after I'd come out the other side. I swore to myself I wouldnt get back to that state. But the stress of our disastrous trip, facing a move, and trying to reorganize (pretty much) my entire life (and feeling ill equipt to do so) brought on a new dose of the blues. I plan on hitchin' up my big girl panties and getting out of this hump immediately.... just as soon as the weather clears... next month sometime.


A new plan. I need to make a new plan!!! *she says like the manically stressed White Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland* I need to figure out a new work plan! School Plan! Horse Plan! Life Plan! Travel Plan! Dog Plan! A new plan! I need a new plan!!! I plan on starting a new plan month sometime...when the weather clears.


I went to the Brooks n Dunn Last Rodeo concert last night! It was awesome! In case you didnt know these guys are parting ways at the end of this tour! I cant begin to understand why but I guess they have their reasons. Boot Scoot n Boogie, Cowgirls Dont Cry, Rock My World Little Country Girl, Believe, My Maria... these guys have so many classics it's not even funny. We had a great night. Oh and did I mention that while DB was in the washroom a couple of cops came in to use the facilities and discovered a couple... copulating in one of the stalls? The cops forced open the door and the fornicating freaks tumbled out all in a tangle.

That was the highlight of DB's night! Let me tell you!


Hawky-dog has my number. So last month I spent $518 on a half dozen x-rays in an effort to diagnose Hawk's mystery no good effect. The mystery lameness remained a mystery. The vet recommended $600 pulse therapy. I decided that I'd rather spend $24 on a weeks worth of anti-inflammatory drugs just to give him some immediate relief and then go from there. One week and $24 later...he was sound. He still has a bad day now and then but nothing even close to how bad he was. I hope he'll continues to improve.


Hmmm... you know... I think that's all I got! And you wont believe it but the weather actually is clearing! I swear! When I wrote "when the weather clears... next month sometime" the windows were speckled with raindrops, the wind was howling and the sky was leaden gray. As I finish this post the rain has stopped. The wind has calmed and I see a patch of blue on the horizon. I think it's a sign. Dont believe me? See for yourself!!!

Time to get movin'.


  1. Ha ha ha!! When ever I hear or see the word "plethora" I think of the movie, "Three Amigos!" When the bad guy, Guapo, wants a Plethora of gifts!! LOL!!!

  2. I love the word Plethora! I use it daily...ok maybe every other day! I also like "Oh Snap" "No Shi#" "Watch out or I will put you in an arm bar and make you taap out" Ok that is more like a sentence.. but I like to say it. he he
    You forgot about "Neon Moon"! I don't get it either. Wow you do have alot going on. I can't believe you still have hair! Sounds like you are very positve and I know you will do all you set out to do. ((hugs)) my friend. I love you a whole Plethora lol

  3. Glad that you are cheering up. Being down like that sucks the life right out of you. Like you I went through a pretty bad depression (although mine was like 13 years ago lol) and it was pretty shocking once I was through to the other side to realize how BAD it was!
    Every once in awhile now I feel that coming on and try to "fix" it before it gets that bad again.

    My bff has it right now and I'm trying to be a good, supportive friend but its tough.

  4. oh my gosh that's an amazing picture! I'm with you, I've gained so much weight it's disgusting. I did really good losing weight for about 2 months but then I took a week off, that was about 2 months ago! lol I just purchased a horse yesterday, it's been years since I've owned one... she's just beautiful! Check her out on my site!

  5. Try "Zumba". Don't buy the stupid DVD's..find a class. I love is burning the calories right up. Go get em...they say once you verbalize a plan, it goes into motion.

  6. Saddle up girl and get moving! Horseys are a callin you!

    School Plan? Did you say School? That would be super fun and inspiring to you I bet. If I could encourage you in any direction that would it....along with riding...

  7. The weather cleared. I think that's a sign. Besides, as they say, "There is no time like the present". In my experience, procrastination begets more procrastination. So, start now! Can't pull yourself out of your doldrums if you remain inert.

    Love ya, Chelsi! We're all here to cheer you on!

  8. My college boyfriend always used the work it from SNL?
    Sounds like things have been crazy....winter will do that to you, though. I always feel ready to "begin" my life every spring, after the bumming rut I've put myself in all winter! Sounds like you have some exciting things on the verge. Get back into those lessons if you can- always good for the mind and body! hugs!!
    Heading over to check out the new blog!

  9. Beautiful photo.

    Glad to hear things are turning around for DB. It's the same around our house with the "If Daddy ain't happy"-LOL.

    Hopefully things start to come together for yourself as well. :)