Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Could Have Bought...

A few things I could have bought today instead of a $800 root canal...

This cute red dun filly.
These Lucchese boots.

This sweet Haflinger gelding.

This Circle Y reining saddle.

Root Canal
Everything in the above collection (I put together on Polyvore.)

FYI- As a result of today's procedure (and the resulting bill) I hereby declare that no coffee, tea, sweets, colas, and anything else that might cause cavities shall pass through these lips *points to my lips* ... at least until I find a job with dental.


  1. Yikes- root canals suck!
    But thank goodness you did it- if your teeth hurt everything else hurts and you wouldn't be able to enjoy the cute ponies or the wicked cool clothing! YOu did the right thing!
    The Haffy was pretty cute though...

  2. MAN I HATE THAT!!! BTW that red dun filly is REALLY CUTE. Now I kinda want her.

  3. Roots canals suck and the bill makes it a double suck, if you ask me. I hate going to the dentist let alone getting something like that done.

    Looks like an impressive wish list for your money. LOL If it were me, it would ALL be horse related. Forget fancy clothes. I never go anywhere but the barn nor do I want to. But it sure would be fun to go shopping with that much money.

  4. Hate those suckers - and I have coverage.

  5. I feel your pain. I had to sit with Megan through one extraction, one root canal and one crown. Oww, Oww, Oww...for her physically and for my pocket book.

    Unfortunately for both of us, the tooth under her crown broke and half the tooth and the crown fell out. Even with dental, we are looking at $1200-1500 while they are trying to decide if they can put another crown on there or need to pull the tooth and do an implant. Poor kid.

    I love your wardrobe, the dun filly and the reining saddle. Money much more enjoyable spent!

  6. Hay I like that outfit where do i get it?!

    Sorry about the dental work but at least it's out of the way!

  7. yikes! I hate spending that kind of monwy for stuff thats painful! That red dun filly sure looks cute like my Bailey girl :)


  9. Want the haflinger!!!! I hope you're feeling better after the dentist trip

  10. Dental work sucks! I like that little red dun! And those boots!! And the saddle!!! Oh well, at least you're feeling better.

  11. I am with you, did the same myself last month....but oh the torture of turning the root canal into a horse. I can't take it, it's even more painful than all those treatments!