Friday, February 25, 2011

Obvious Beauty

Random shots of an old barn...

The beauty and character I find in the small details of a larger picture are more obvious in some photos than in others...

The remains of a once useful tractor left to bury itself in the field of it's former glory- obvious.

The random spattering of mud on a tractor tire- not so much.

A bold shock of blue set against the greasy black of a gritty engine- obvious.

The artful geometry within the bolts of an old tin roof- not so much.

The warped boards of a old barn slashed raw and bloody by the wicked knife of time- obvious.

A random stack of clay burned bricks with their shades of copper and cobalt- not so much.

Single pane glass, an ominous sign and weathered wood- obvious.

I find the beauty in chaos and in symmetry....
... and always within the smaller details of the larger whole.

(all photos property of me please do not reproduce without permission)


  1. fantastic pictures, especially the last one

  2. There is a definite romance is these photos. Fantastic eye you've got there!

  3. Oops wrong g-mail account! Not Chad...Nikki would be the correct commentor! (0:

  4. It's amazing to me how some people are able to capture the not always obvious beauty or interesting quality of things. You definitely have 'the eye'.

  5. I thought the bolts on the tin roof were pretty cool! Whoever did that roof did a great job. I wish mine looked that good.