Saturday, February 5, 2011

Princess- The Valley Girl Version

WARNING: The following post is really, truly and pathetically obnoxious. Dont say I didnt warn you....

*insert valley girl accent*

"Hi, my name is Princess! I'm a white medicine hat paint... which means that I'm suppose to be like totally white... My Mom is such a drag! She doesnt get that white is so last season! So I'm workin' hard to become a red dun like my besty Marm...'cause her copper coat is like totally fetch!..."

"I roll and roll in the mud four times a day but those freakin' humans man! They come in and try to get rid of my dye job before it's had a chance to set so all I get left with is these big blotches of like mouse brown! MOUSE brown! OMG... can you imagine!.... Just look!...."

"I just threw up in my mouth a little.

And how do you like my braided tail! Nice, right? *shakes head in wonder* Like a braid? Really?! This isnt the 80's you know! Horses havent worn braids since... since... DJ Tanner's horse in Full House!"...

Oh well! I dont know what I was thinking trying to copy Marm's style anyways! She is totally obsessed with me... I mean I'm fabulous and all *shrugs* but sometimes it can get to be a bit much... I think she like creeps me on facebook and everything."

"Yesterday I just couldnt take it anymore! I went all Naomi Campbell on her ass!"

"Dont worry.. we're all good now. I ♥ Marm:) xo"

I did warn you!


  1. omg you are too much! And I'll admit, as was reading this to myself in the Valley girl voice! lol BTW love the view you have, gorgeous!!!! Princess is so beautiful, you did good with her!

  2. Just great! Such a beauty, with a 'tude to match.

  3. I think even I was reading in a Valley girl voice! Too funny!

  4. Too funny!.... I love her colouring! Its so unique!

  5. haha that was awesome!! Especially the reference to DJ Tanner, I so wanted to be her when I was like 10, lol.

  6. LOL!! LOVE IT!!!
    I have a dun who wants to be an appy and a grey who wants to be a dun...

    I feel you!

  7. LOL That's awesome! I too read it in the Valley girl voice, was definitely laughing. She is a pretty girl!

    Talented K9