Monday, February 14, 2011


I've been a big ol' slacker when it comes to blogging this past month! My goodness, let's see... There has been plenty to write about but no time to get it on paper (so to speak). On Sunday Princess and I had an epic battle. Basically it came down to pure and utter stubbornness- on her part and on my own. You see I said she was going to walk through the narrow gap between a fence and a gate and she insisted that she was not. An hour later... no seriously, an HOUR later I proved that either a) I suck at horsemanship or b) I am the only being on this planet that is more stubborn than that bloody mare. Or maybe a bit of both. I will leave that story to another post.

In other news I've been researching my own pedigree on I figured it was pretty sad that I knew more about Doc O'Lena's bloodlines than my own. So far it's been really kinda cool! Right now I am looking at a handwritten passenger manifest for a ship that carried my great grandmother from England when she immigrated to Halifax, Canada. I also talked to a great aunt on the phone who gave me information on family that I didnt know I had and also found pictures of my great-great grandfather and grandmother.... who were really quite startled and scary looking if you ask me.... ironically enough grandma had the given name of Mary Kay... I'm just sayin'. Anyone have any suggestions of other genealogy websites that are better than

Ummm... this afternoon I went to the barn to welcome this handsome devil. The (wonderful) place where I board Princess took on a new boarder (the first since me)- a sweet four-year-old grade QH. I think (and hope) he'll get along well at the barn.

And last but not least- My kitties are still going through the rather difficult transition of being confined to one area of the house. Bitty and I couldnt handle being separated for long so I hauled an old sofa in to their room. Now I can comfortably spend a lot of time in there reading or on my laptop... which means that in turn I am not spending time with my sweet man HS. He misses me out in his allergy-free zone but I tell him he's just lucky I havent taken to sleeping in that room too!

That's all I got for now.

Peace out!
(someone wrote that to me in an e-mail the other day and I thought it sounded really cool:)


  1. There are a bunch of genealogy websites out there, but is probably the best one. I published a lens on Squidoo on the subject that you might find helpful. Hopefully it's okay to post it here:
    There's a link to the LDS church records on there too which is another excellent resource that's free (it's addictive, isn't it? ;o) If you're interested in creating a heritage scrapbook, there's a link on the right sidebar to that lens. Hope this helps you!

  2. The Library of Congress in Washingtron DC has a good Library- but I think you actually have to go there. You could look it up on line.
    Sounds like you have your hands full!

    good luck and never give up ( with the horses) even as a kid I used to do battle with my old gelding, both of us coming back bloody more often than not- but he soon quit testing me and started trusting me instead (which was the point).
    Just a tip- this works for any thing you are trying to do with Princess or any horse- if they can't or wont do what you want when you want it, instead of dismounting and putting them away ( because you are tired or tired of fighting) ask them to do something you know they can do and do it for a good ten minutes correctly before you go tie them up and let them stand awhile- then put them away. Horses have a pea brain. They will tend to forget the 'bad thing' remember that they did something right, and your training session will actually end on a 'sucess'. The tie up after just reinforces their wait for Mom mentality and they will learn not to rush through their lesson to get to the 'happy place' of the stall ( or paddock).

  3. LOVE that new gelding! He's quite the looker! I went and rode on Sunday and had quite the battle with my horse too, he was insisting that he would not cross over a tiny little stream of water, and I of course insisted that yes he WAS. I won! :)

  4. I know nothing about ancestory other than it seems lots of people are currently into researching it so is the only site I know of and that's only because of TV ads. LOL Good luck in your quest.

    Vaquero Girl makes a good point about ending on a good note, even if you have to back track a little in your request. Sometimes the time is just not there to get what you really want and it helps being able to use this method so you quit on a good note.

    I wondered how the allergy situation was working. I'd be feeling like I was in solitary if I had to do that. I feel for all of you. Wish there was some quick fix for situations like this. Bet you do too.

  5. My SIL traced our family back to Germany in the 1700s. WAY cool. Have fun with it.