Thursday, April 1, 2010

This evening I was buzzing around looking at horses online when I realized just how much and often I've come to depend on It is easy to assume that such a popular site would be common knowledge but then I realized that there might be some folks out there that dont know how broad and far reaching their pedigree database has become and how fun it can be to search back and look at some pictures of the old legendary sires or even those who's blood contributed to the horses we own and love today.

A feature on that you might not know about is that if you right click on the name of a specific horse within the pedigree you can actually look up "progeny" details (it will list all the sons and daughters of that horse within the database) without becoming a member. This can be useful in finding brothers or sisters of some of your favorite horses or to research the produce record of your own stock. (remember that allbreedpedigree is a growing database built on contributing horse owners like you and me. It is far from complete.)

Also, at the top you will see a name listed and beside it a little "i" next to a picture icon. If you put your cursor over the the "i" information on that horse will appear (in some cases no details are entered, just the AQHA reg. number, etc. but there may be such details as produce ans performance earnings, titles and show records.). Your cursor over the picture icon will allow a picture to open. The little red astric (*) next to any name in the pedigree indicates that a photo is available for that horse.

I hope that allbreedpedigree will continue to expand and remain (mostly) free to use. In the past doing pedigree research through could become an expensive prospect, especially for a chronic horse shopper and pedigree junky like me:)

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  1. Omg, I love! The breed associations still have their place for checking show records and ownership, but my favorite is still putting a name into allbreedpedigree and seeing it filled with little red asterisks! :)

  2. I use ALL the time but I didn't know about the right-click progeny part! I am so excited about this!! I was on there just yesterday and wished I could look for the get of a certain stallion. Now I know how, thanks!! off to allbreedpedigree...again,

  3. I use allbreedregistry just for fun. Neither of my horses is registered, so I can't look them up. I love looking at horses I know and seeing the horses in their pedigrees. I guess I'm easily amused.

  4. Definitely a most useful tool in the aresenal. I love it.

    I have run across some errors in pedigrees though, which if you are a 100% sure are errors, you can correct by sliding your cursor over the Maintenance title and edit info.

    You can also get a list of progney by sliding the cursor over the Reports title and there is a whole list of available features. The really cool ones require subscripton, of course.;)

    Leah-If you know your horse's pedigree, you can still enter them. Allbreed is just that, open to anything anyone wants to put in.

  5. It is a useful tool, although I tend to use AQHA's website to do all of my research, but... if I happen to be looking at different breeds, which is not often but sometimes - I will use it. Also I will use it if I run out of money on AQHA's site lol!

  6. Love it! Use it all the time... as a chronic window shopper...