Thursday, April 8, 2010

Three Picture Thursday- Love it or Hate it.

I havent decided if I love or hate the above photo. Please feel free to love it or hate it with me.

Wet Fields and Corn Stalks.

Wishing I had the above for PW's "green" photo contest.

I know the above picture makes it four pictures instead of three... but "Four Picture Thursday" just didnt have the same ring to it.


  1. Love it!! I'm thinking it would look great with an antiqued or sepia as well!!

    Really LOVE the 2nd & 3rd ones!!! The 2nd one has such depth! The 3rd one is just simply cool!!

  2. I like the third one best also.

  3. I like that first one - try tweaking your bottom end input levels (making the dark parts darker) you never know till you start working with a photo but it seems like that may help you get to that "I like it" point. The top end levels all look good and the contrast is good....

  4. Not sure about the first one, but I love the clouds one and the last one too. Very nice.

  5. The first one makes me uncomfortable... I like it! I really want to look at it and study it, it makes me wonder about the area - great shot!

  6. Love it! Spooky, complex, tangled.
    They're all great though, I really like the last 2 also. Thanks for sharing them.


  7. The first one is kind of hard to see. The other 3 are just awesome. Very nice!

  8. Fun textures and colors! I love the clouds (always love photos of cool clouds) and the one you would have submitted for PW's green assignment. That one is groovy!

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