Monday, April 12, 2010

Pee Pee, Dipsee, Poody Poo, you name it...


Ya'll know how I like to get all in depth and personal on this em' here blog...

But is there a limit to just how personal one lonely, late night blogger should become?

I guess we're gonna find out!

My sister suffered an injury to her posterior region on the first day of our cruise last month. Since that time the aforementioned region of her buttocks and you-hoo has been a daily, if not hourly concern and topic of conversation with both friends, family, hospital staff, hair stylists and heaven knows everyone and anyone who dare asks, "What happened?" I cant begin to say how thrilled I am that my sister is finally starting to get back up on her feet (quite literally) after nearly six weeks of very restricted movement. I also cant begin to say how thankful and proud I am of my Mother, who has watched and tended that wound so fiercely I'm sure even Nurse Ratchett wouldn't have dared question her dedication.

Through it all my sister has had to withstand more discomfort than I could possibly imagine but surprisingly enough, having to divulge the rather intimate and private nature of her injury has not been one of them! Though that is not to say its not been a little awkward for others! It is always interesting to see who is able to speak opening and frankly about it in medical terms vs those who just cant find the words to begin to preface a question that involves terms for the "nether regions" ... then of course there are those who stick to the four-year-old's versions... like wee wee or bum hole.... Or "buttocks" like Forrest Gump ("I was shot directly in the butt-ocks!")

Like a woman who's gone through childbirth some times you hit a point in life where you just cant be bashful about the female form... and yet, despite six weeks of having to talk about it I still find myself saying things like "dipsee" (as a friend calls it) or "poody poo" as it's known to another friend...

I'm a little ashamed that as a 27-year-old woman I'm still so juvenile when it comes to discussing the female form... though I'm sure there are those who'd argue that it's indecent and unladylike to even write this?

Are you comfortable discussing anything and everything? Did you change after you had children?

Or is this all just far too personal?


  1. For me, I'm pretty over it. Butt and Ass are just descriptors - for both people and body parts.

    I tend to get technical in more sensitive audiences. Glutes works. :)

  2. Not to worry...I'm 36 (no, wait, I mean 29. Yeah...29) and still refer to my "hoo hoo".

  3. My job now has helped me trmendously with being bashful talking about certain body parts. I am a sexual assault educator in schools and talk about anything from sexual harassment, std's, internet safety, healthy sexuality and healthy relationships. I can pretty much talk about anything now, but I always get a kick out of the kids responses (in the highschool level) when I say "anal Sex" Anyways, I'm probably a little too comfortable now with those things... Oh and I have NO children either.

  4. Doesn't bother me at all, I'm probably the least bashful person out there when it comes to saying or referencing personal body areas. I just make sure I try to keep myself in check, not everyone else is as comfortable as I am ;)

  5. doesn't bother me at all... vagina vagina vagina.... hoo ha, va jay jay.... no matter how you say it, it's all the same! Though I'm seriously curious as to what in the world happened to your sister! I'm aching for her as my imagination is running away with me!

  6. I use only slang when taking about those areas...makes it a little more lively with words like hoo ha, cooter, or the va jay jay. So is your sister going to let you tell us what the heck happened??

  7. I can imagine how that must have been an awkward conversation to have, "sorry I can't come in to work today as I have broken my butt" yikes!

  8. I used to be squeemish- but that was when I wore a younger woman's clothes. Now there isn't a topic I can't handle in the company of strangers or husbands or youngsters. Probably an age thing.. although I do have kids..old ones...and one of them is squeemish and one of them is not- guess which is which! LOL

  9. I'm over it too. PG, I started calling it hoo-hoo also because I heard it in a movie and it cracked me up. That and "me bum" for the buttocks. Too many Britcoms, I guess.

  10. Some parts i am with you some part I still resort to slang terms. BUT I am sooo glad to hear that your sister is doing better! I felt soooo bad for her and had kept her in my thoughts ever since.