Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"That's Normal Though, Right?"

I am super excited to tell you all about my new blog!

It has the unlikely title of, "That's Normal Though, Right?" (click for link)

You see, I think that (for me) blogging is all about this quintessential question. It is a forum to express, to communicate, to share and seek validation and commensuration from my peers. We all look to one and other in our quest to figure out what to expect in and from life....

And so I got to thinking, How many times have I asked or been asked, "That's normal though, right?" And what if there were a blog based around such a question....wherein I, or anyone, could pose their ponderings....where no inquire would be to insignificant.... a no holds barred, anything and everything forum open to the bloggerdome universe! A place where everything from the mundane to the risque is fair game! And all out question and answer orgie!!!...
I got a little carried away there, didnt I? Sorry.
The problem with getting such a blog off the ground is that it'll only be interesting if there are enough people willing to play along... so I hope you some of you might be so kind as to stop over and check it out. If you think the idea is schlock please dont be shy in saying so. I can take it:)


  1. Hey I'll play along - great concept. Is it just me...can't seem to see how to post a comment there...???

  2. Love your new header, its gorgeous (even though I will miss those beat up ole boots lol) I really like how your blog name is in the saddlemaker's concho :)

  3. I'm game! Sounds interesting!

  4. I love your new header too! Its great. How fun, what a fun new idea. I will definatley check it out.

  5. I'm pretty sure "normal" is something we all want to be but no one really knows what it is.