Monday, September 20, 2010

I Am So Impressed with _____.

Sorry, still no name. I am having a REALLY hard time with this one. I like you suggestions and will keep some on the list but nothing feels right...some new contenders are Norma Jean, Sweat Pea, Queenie and Coola (coo-la).... but none of those are really sticking either. I know I'll know it when I hear it.

Besides the name issue I have to say I am SO impressed with my new mare! She is SUCH a good girl. I rode her today for the first time since Thursday (I was away Friday and Saturday and spent Sunday doing a little ground work with her) and she is just begging to please. We worked on stearing a little and she picked it up super fast. I dont know if I've ever owned a horse that has so little "ghosts" or "quirks"... I am scared to say that as I dont want to jinx anything but so far she has done next to nothing wrong. Her worst habit is that she isnt the best with her back feet and will try to pull her foot out of your hand but even that has improved by leaps and bounds in the past few days. She also walked under the hotwire (it was off) but once it was turned on (and after she zapped herself to prove it) she hasnt come near it again. She stands well to brush, tack, and bath, she'll let you touch her anywhere and loves to be loved up on, she follows me around and just wants to stand and be with anyone that comes in her pen. Under saddle she goes when you tell her to and stops when you ask. She doesnt know much but she learns really fast and hates getting in trouble. I keep holding my breath and waiting for the other foot to fall but I'm going to say, while literally knocking on wood, that I really think I got myself a good one here.

Physically she still looks sound. I am going to have my ferrier see what he can do to clean up the angles of her front feet, sometimes she seems straight and then other times she stands all goofy and her lines look amiss but I think she'll be ok....she is toed in on one foot and her knee is turned in on the other which is turning her toe in, but not too bad. She also has a lot of filling out to do and has already put on some weight! She was getting beat up pretty bad at the last barn but I've picked and oiled her all her one hundred and one scabs (icky!) and she is now on hay plus good pasture so I bet she'll fill out fast. I'm really looking forward to seeing how she'll look by Spring.
Hmmm... what else can I tell you guys? Oh! She has the funniest nicker and whinny! She is a very feminine mare with a petite head and a soft eye so you'd think that her nicker would be high pitched and mareish but it's not! Instead it is this deep, throaty and almost stallion-like whinny. It is too funny. As you can tell, I am really starting to fall for her.... She isnt my usual type but even her color is starting to grow on me (now that I finally have her almost white!). I am not a big paint fan, or a big blue eyed horse fan, nor am I really a white horse fan... but I am a fan of her! She has so much expression in her eyes and with that one brown ear, one white ear that are constantly in motion, I just cant help but think she is one cute little mare.

I sure like her.


  1. Congratulations! She's gorgeous! I love her markings. And those eye lashes! Wow. She sounds lovely.

  2. She is beautiful, Chelsi! You were very lucky to find her!

  3. She sure looks clean you must have been brushing and brushing. I love her colour it makes her look very unique. Names Bobbi, Frankie, tulip,I love Lily, Barbie ha ha. Its always hard to decide on a name it will come to you. Did John Wayne have a girlfriend?

  4. She is extremely cute - love the face and expression!

  5. Ok, I know I said I was terrible with names, but don't call the poor girl Norma Jean! lol

    I'm really glad you are falling for her and she is working out so well for you. How exciting!!!!

  6. Such Beauty!!! Love your photos! I am so happy for you! I just love her eyes!

  7. Grab a baby name book or look up baby names online. That's the easiest way. When I came back here this morning, "Heart" popped into my head.

  8. It's my first visit on this blog - I was just blog-hopping from one horsey place to another :)

    She looks utterly beautiful and good-natured, and I completely understand why you're in love with her!

    And you might name her Cherie (sher-ee), because she's such a sweetheart?

    I'll definitely keep checking back to see how she's doing!

  9. Oh Chelsi, I think she's lovely. Haven't been here in a while and had no idea you'd gotten a new girl. How exciting!! Looks are just that...looks. And not all that important when you get to know the inner personality...because what you end up loving or admiring has nothing at all to do with what you used to like. My Ladde is predominantly white and has pink-rimmed and spotted eyes. He has brown ears and brown lower legs all around but has 2 white hind socks and a black/white tail. Strange huh?? And he's positively the most gorgeous horse that's ever lived!!! Stop fussing about her day it will hit you and that'll be it. Your heart will tell you her name once you really get to know her. Congratulations!!

  10. Okay, me again. I just read your previous post and I have a definite problem with 2 of the names you've considered. Lilly is my sister's name and she's very self-centered, selfish and not very bright. Sorry sis, but true... And, Rowan is my other sister's last name. She's a deceitful, lying and very manipulative person. Both these names have bad kharma...please noooooooo!!!!

  11. My name suggestion: Bridie

    Because, A) it's pretty, B) she's dressed in so much white, and C) because you repeatedly misspelled "bridle" as "bridal" so it put the thought into my head.


  12. Its been my experience that most geldings have higher pitched whinnies while mares have the deeper, throatier ones. The only studs I've been around were very well mannered and not very vocal so I can't say for sure if I remember their whinnies.

  13. She really is cute! and she sound like she is perfect!
    I still dont have aname picked out, but Ill keep thinkin on it.
    But untill then how about Rose or Taffy or Lava

  14. Wow, she looks really clean and white in the photos- such a pretty mare! She sounds like a sweetheart.

    Name suggestion: Ajoya