Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OMG Cant a girl go to Vegas?

Me at the top of Haleakala Valcano in Maui.

LMAO Cant a girl go to Vegas without getting married!!! My goodness! *huge smile* NO! We did not get hitched in Vegas or Hawaii... though I have to say that there are a thousand and one amazing spots in Hawaii to get married... and Vegas too. There was a spot at Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu that made me want to get married just so that I could have a wedding there! lol I dont have my own pic of that spot but found this one online... (the pavilion on the bottom right side)

And as for "DB" becoming "HS" that is something I've wanted to do for a while now as I've always hated "DB" as abbreviation... I call my man sweet, sexy, funny, lovey and all sorts of endearments but never "darling". "HS" actually is a nick name of his (and no it isnt short for horse shit (though he likes to joke it is)) and he finally gave me permission to use it. It feels natural to call him HS but I always struggled to use "DB". Anyways, that is the story and I'm sticking too it!!

I MAY have some BIG news tomorrow. May. Might. Could. Maybe. Ya'never know.


  1. LOL Had to ask, there were some potentially cryptic things in your post. Isn't it annoying when people keep thinking you're getting married? I HATE that! ;)

  2. That looks like a beautiful pavillion, and you need another reason to go to Hawaii again right??

  3. LOL! Love ya, Chelsi!