Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet My New Mare!

Meet ____. She is a 2005 registered APHA mare.

This afternoon I went to the barn where she was boarded to pick her up. I brought my saddle, pad, bridal, halter and a bag with water and apples.

I tacked ____ up, hitched up my nap sack and walked her (in hand) down the drive-way. Ten minutes later we entered a park with nice soft bark mulch trails. I put on her bridal and mounted.

For the next half hour I rode MY horse on a trail ALONE for the first time in ten years. And guess what? I had one hell of a good ride!

My new little mare ____ is an absolute gem. She is OH-SO-SWEET, tries super hard and I TOTALLY CLICKED with her. I walked up and down hills, over bridged, through the forest, down the open trail with dogs and walkers and all sorts of things. I long trotted her. I loped her on the flat. She goes when you tell her to and maintains her gait well. She stops when you ask too boot! Her steering needs work and she doesn't know much but she is game.

Did I mention how sweet she is? I cant believe what I did today! I picked up my new horse and RODE her to the new barn where I'll be boarding. It took about two hours but I walked her (in hand) for a lot of it and we stopped to graze and to chat on the cell phone:)
When we got to the new barn at about 3pm I spent the next...oh... six hours loving up on her and getting her settled in (wormed, brushed, bedded down, fed etc.) In the course of that six hours I went from smitten to totally and completely in love. And dare I say the feeling is mutual? She follows me around like a dog and waits at the gate when I leave her. She has the sweetest eye and face and is a total love bug.
I could write a book on her right now but I am soooo tired and have to be up for a two day road trip tomorrow! I am actually going horse shopping with a friend (for her!) It sucks to have to leave her but I am happy she is in the new barn and I have absolute confidence in the lady I am boarding off of so can go with an easy heart.
Cant wait to tell you all more about her!
(my only complaint thus far is that she is SOOOO dirty!! But with THAT white of a horse I guess I'll have to get used to it!)


  1. <3 So pretty!!! SO when we gonna make her into a jumper ;) JOKING! Can't wait to go on a trail ride together!

  2. Hooray!... and every spring a white horsehair blizzard will make you wonder why you EVER bought a white horse, LOL.... every spring I profusely thank my hubby for the mostly white overo filly he bought me..... ;)

    She looks like a keeper

  3. She's adorable - and ooh a medicine hat! All that white to keep clean - you'll get to spend lots of quality bonding time! Like her legs and feet. How did you find her? (perhaps I missed the story while I was gone)

  4. Woooooot!!! How cool - she looks really nice. As an owner of a (mostly) white horse - good luck. She'll be dirty most of the time. After a while, you just learn to look past a bit of dirt. :-)

    I'm so happy to hear that you rode/walked her over 2 hours to get to your new barn. Trotting! Loping! how friggin' awesome is that? Can't wait to hear more about her and see some more pics!

  5. And she's only 5! Wow! What a well behaved gorgeous girl you've got there. I've got a soft spot for paints and she's no exception. Good luck on all your future adventures with her. Love the medicine hat too.

    Try the Exhibitor Quic Silver shampoo and watch her sparkle. That's what we used on our paint.

  6. Congrats!!!
    She seems pretty darn awesome :)

  7. Well now Chelsi, you done!!! I love her!! And does she have a full medicine hat??? No wonder she is such a sweet mare. : )

    Can't wait until you get back to read all about her. : )

  8. :O

    I think I am in shock...I'll have to come back when I gather my wits.

  9. Wow! She has a lot of white! I have some tricks to help keep her that way that I will impart if you so desire!
    Good job, I can't wait to hear the whole story!

  10. Wowzie!! Congratulations!!! She sounds amazing AND very white!!

  11. she's fantastic! I can't wait to hear what you decide to name her!

  12. She looks like a total love bug! Very fun! And good luck with the white! lol I always swore after my pinto I'd never do white again. My new horse is light/roan/gray (something strange)though and I'm totally kicking myself already. Haven't even shown her yet! hehe

    Congrats though! Looks like a great horse!

  13. Wonderful! She is so pretty and you do seem smitten. Now what is her name?

  14. She is very very pretty! and looks very sweet and calm!

    Yes.. what do you call her (besides yours)?


  15. Aww she looks so sweet and very pretty!
    What an awesome day you had. And so white! I have a palomino paint and let me tell you I hope she likes baths and being brushed! cause she will need lots of that, especially when its muddy, lol.
    Sounds like a good horse.

  16. Sounds like a match made in heaven. Good for you!

  17. How wonderful! Welcome ___ !

    (I think her name is Crystal- and I don't say that lightly. I once deeply loved a mare named Crystal and I HATE reusing names!)

  18. Wow she is so cute Chelsi i really like the white and the blue eyes. She looks a bit like a mare my daughter had a few years back, and she was a incrediable horse. Congrats!!!

  19. She is so cute! Love her unique coloring....and that you clicked and bonded so quickly!!! Here's to many more wonderful rides in the forest....and wherever else she may take ya! :-)
    Pony Girl