Sunday, September 26, 2010

So Happy It Scares Me!

(note: I have a name. I am hoping it will grow on me as much as she has. This afternoon I settled 100% on Sookie and I actually stuck with it... for almost 7 hours. Then I waffled. SO... as of right now I am going with Lily. Or Sookie. Lily. Maybe Sookie. I dont know. Ask me in the morning.)

You know, sometimes being happy is scary. I've been riding my new mare, Lily/Sookie and just loooooving every minute of it. I ride down the road, gallop down the trail, play in the arena and spend lazy afternoons just hanging out. Lily/Sookie is such a good girl... it is not that she doesnt do anything wrong, it is that she is so reasonable about being corrected and I can trust in her, her temperament and willingness... plus her lack of "ghosts" or negative experiences. I couldn't be any happier with her. You know, when I ride down the road I actually think "If I saw me right now, I'd be wishing that I could be me." As bizarre of a thought that may be, I cant explain it in any other way. I am relishing in the simplicity of riding a horse I enjoy and trust.

At the same time I havent forgotten that I am riding a horse. Lily could kill me, by accident, just as easily as my old gelding could have by some act of insanity... but I feel least with Lily, if I was hurt or injured I would at least be doing something I loved- having fun and living life right up until the final moment.

Add to that, I love the barn I am at. It is AWESOME. The family is so nice and takes such good care of her, the facility is really ideal (stall with turn dry turn out plus pasture) plus there is just one other horse and she is a sweetie....and the icing on the cake the board is very reasonable and it is just a few minutes from home.

I am just soooo happy with with my "horse life" (and in my persona life too) that it kind of scares the crap out of me.... I feel like I have to literally knock on wood every time I think or say aloud just how pleased I am with everything. I am trying really hard to just enjoy the ride (both literally and proverbially) but.... actually, no buts... I am going to just enjoy the ride.

Oh! And... my legs have been extinguished:D It took a benadryl and a few Tylanol to get to sleep but I survived.... thanks for the advice. Mud. I should have thought of that.


  1. Congrats on being happy! It makes it all worth it, doesn't it?

  2. That sounds just splendid - it took a while but now you're THERE!

  3. she looks like a 'sookie' I like that name alot!
    I'm glad to hear that you are happy with your new mare, it's a win-win. She will be loved and well taken care of, and you will constantly find joy in her company.
    No need to knock on wood, the happiness, if you let it, will filter into all other areas. Sure sometimes things go wrong, but why wait for it to happen? Enjoy the moments as they come.
    Happy for you both

  4. I know just how you feel, being so happy and content that it's kinda scary! :) Enjoy it while it's here, I say! Cross the other bridges if/when you come to them. Congrats on finding such a great little mare!

    Sookie is a cute name! I'm on a major True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse books kick lately though. lol

  5. Chelsi

    You know that Sookie is perfect for her. So much more then Lily, Sookie's character has spunk and grit and she's an angel all at the same time. I have loved that name from the beginning when it first came up, it is fitting and she will wear it well despite all the teasing I have been giving you. Don't think it to death've gone full circle (no surprise there, lol) don't start another one please.........

  6. Welcome Sookie! So nice you have a name now! You should tell your Mom there that Lily would make a lovely middle name. And shouldn't a pretty horse like you have a middle name?

  7. That is so great that you are so happy with your new horse, and your life!! Enjoy every minute of it, you deserve it!
    I like Lily, she looks like a Lily to me! But Sookie is cute too!

  8. Aww I like the Sookie, seems to fit. So glad you are enjoying her, thats what having a horse should be about, having Fun!!!

  9. good for you! Love both names! I wish I felt like I was in love with my mare, maybe once she's closer to home and I can ride her more often I'll get to feeling that way, fingers are crossed! I envy that you're able to gallop down a trail, I can barely lope my horse and gallop... woah, she'd probably kill me! lol