Sunday, September 19, 2010

Still No Name, Ideas?

I still have no name for my new mare. I dont even want to tell you what her name was before for fear that it might stick...

Some of the names that are being bantered about right now are Rowan (ro-win), Lilly (Lil), and Hola (o-la). Lily is a top contender but I'm just not sold.

I am VERY particular about names, I like them to have a meaning, to associate with something positive and to suit the character of the horse more than just their physical attributes. I also like unique names which is why Lily is a little too obvious for me.

I got home from my two day road trip late last night but was able to get out to see her this afternoon and spend some time just grooming her (oh the dirt on that white!) She is such a nice little mare, very sweet, gentle and sensitive with a feminine look and quiet presence. She lacks confidence but is very willing to be reassured. One of the characteristics she has that really intrigues me is that she is a watcher.... When she stands in the paddock she usually has her head up and her ears pricked forward as she gazes off in to the distance. If there is something to see she wants to watch it and will even move about the paddock to get a better view... and she isnt curious about normal things, it could just be a person walking down the road, birds in the field or nothing that I can see at all....she is very interested and engaged in the world around her. She has excellent ground manners and I think that all the training she has to date has been the good kind, she is very solid and doesnt seem to have any ghosts that I can find.

Any ideas?


  1. I'm terrible at naming anything, be it dogs, I've always wanted a mare that I could call Ruby Tuesday, don't ask me why I just like the song. Or Gypsy. I'm not saying these would be good names for your mare, I just always liked them for some reason. The name will come to you one day when you're with her and you'll just start calling her by it.

  2. I thought of how brilliant her white coat would be, bright in the sun...which led me to Brio, as in the musical annotation "con brio" (to be performed with liveliness or spirit, brilliance). But Brio sounds more like a boy name so how about Bria (bree-ya)?

  3. Beret, because it looks like she's wearing one

    Bella Luna because she is a beautiful full moon

    Blanca - which is White in spanish

    Galadriel, the elf queen from the hobbit who wears all white. Gala for short.

    Miya - which means "mine"

    Whatever her name, welcome home, girl. We can't wait to hear more...

  4. Oh my goodness! She is beautiful!! I am not good with the name game, I am sure you will come up with a great one! I think she looks like a Lily though!

  5. Oh Chelsi! She is simply breathtaking!!! I cannot wait to hear what you choose for her name!! I am SO not good at naming horses LOL!! I do like unique names though!! Can't wait to hear more about her!

  6. Oh and I have to add, her white looks SO white now!! From personal experience white is so hard to deal with! We always went through a *yellow* phase during the winter times when she couldn't be bathed...But you'll do great!!

  7. Lindy - she'll be dancing!

  8. Ugh - names are so hard... It took me two weeks to name our two kittens, so I will not be of much use here.

    Good luck on deciding on a name!

  9. It's so hard to find a good name and then even harder to get it to stick! I had a full page long list of potential names for my new girl, but, unfortunately, her old name just stuck. Nothing fit and my trainer and all of her clients knew the horse as her old name and it just never got changed.

    For your new girl, it's hard with just seeing pictures, but just throwing some out there... Sugar? Ember? Cedar? Rita? Tini? lol Is there a special spot you went in Hawaii that had a cool name? Or Vegas? Good luck!

  10. Hey-after I got over the shock of seeing such a loud colored horse, I love her.

    Have fun with all of that white. ;)

    Names?...I never rush. Something will come to mind and be completely suitable. Is there anything in her registered name that is catchy?

  11. Hmmm... I agree, naming things has value... and needs to be special... tossing these out...
    Patty for Patience

  12. Ahh names, they are tough. I have a few that I'm very excited to be able to use in the future, the best one is:

    Foolish. I can just imagine having a dog/cat/horse named Foolish (just plain Fool for short)

    With your mare, I don't know…I always find its tough to take name suggestions from other people, because the name has to have significance to YOU. That said I do have one name you might like:

    If she's a watcher, I would name her Lyra. It's a constellation, so goes with the watching theme.

    Can't wait to hear what you finally end up calling her!

  13. Such a beautiful girl!!! There is something very "mystical" about her eyes, that might be a good name, and call her "mystie" for short. Just a thought!

    Can't wait to hear what you decide to name her! She is gorgeous!

  14. She looks like a great horse...deserving of a great name. That said I'm terrible at naming so I always stick with the name they come with, that way I can blame someone else for the bad name lol.

  15. I understand you on the name! It took me almost 2 months to name my mare and it ended being "Lady", the most uncreative name possible! But I just lacked the creativity to come up with something good for this gal so instead of calling her by her first given name (Dunny, she's a red dun, how imaginative!) I just stuck with Lady... Good luck!

  16. Your mare is beautiful! Here's a website that has names/meanings:

    You might get some ideas there... Good luck!! :)

  17. Hmm I like it when they come with names cause Im horrible. I had three weanlings once called red spot (a red roan paint) grey spot ( a blue roan paint) and no spot (a red dun quarter horse) finally they all got real names, but it took a long time.

  18. Ooh! She has "medicine hat" coloring!

    Medicine hat: an uncommon pattern where the poll and ears are dark, surrounded completely by white, a true "medicine hat" pinto or paint usually has a predominantly white body, sometimes with dark coloration by the flanks, chest, and above the eyes

    Anasazi or Sazi

    something native american...

  19. I say call her Spirit!